New car anymore?

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Dec 10, 2002
I found this Windows media file on another car site where these guys took this brand new Chevy cobalt SS car home for I presume when GM had the 24 hour test drive promotion at a race track and returned it back to the dealer the next day. The guy said his friends are going to get a C6 to play around the track next. [Eek!] Trackin the new car
Well now it's broke in. The new owner can go straight to synthetic oil without any worrys. I would assume they had to sign somekind of waiver to get the car for 24 hours. I bet running at the road course was not in there. Impressed by the little car but not the fools that took it. [No no]
Nice. Some not-so-rich person (spending hard-earned money) will eventually buy that "new" car and then curse GM when it falls apart after the warranty expires. I've heard of new cars being abused in other situations, like when being driven from one new dealer to another when they do an exchange, etc. These guys are nothing but @#$%& vandals. Some may think it's funny, until they unknowingly end up buying an abused vehicle! [Mad] [ December 02, 2005, 03:10 PM: Message edited by: LTVibe ]
In a wierd, 'viral marketing' sort of way, this could actually help GM sell the idea that cobalts are cool enough to beat on.
I saw a service tech driving a new Cadillac on the freeway the other day doing 100mph, he was weaving thru cars like a slalom. I would of called the dealer but they took the plates (dealer plaque) off and I couldn't see what the window sticker said, he passed me kinda fast. Like someone else said, I feel sorry for the future owner of that car
Would you buy a new car with 65 miles on it without a major discount? I know I wouldn't! I figure that test drive miles are some of the worst, because the car never warms up and everybody guns it to see what she can do.
I agree 100%. When I bought my truck it had just about as many miles as it would take to drive it from the plant to the car hauler, then from the car hauler to the dealer lot. I would not by anything with more than 20 miles on it. Test drive miles are horrible. I only test drive the one I buy to make sure its not falling apart and I take it easy. Because by the time I'm ready to buy I already know "what she can do"
I'm sure they beat the zhit out of the car but. a. I couldn't see the speedo. b. I couldn't see the tach (although it was probably in redline most of the time). c. I couldn't even hear the car because of the car in front of them, the wind noise and the music. I don't know.... I wasn't really impressed by anything. Maybe next time they can work on their video skills.
I've done that with a brand new car that I had no intention of buying, in fact the dealer told me to. I would have done it no matter what because I was just trying to see if I would have gone with a 4 cylinder over the 6 for the amount of money they wanted to cut from it. I didn't go for it because it was a closeout model that wasn't at a good closeout price. They wouldn't negotiate enough. Eh, wouldn't have had the intake gasket issues though. What would ya do? I don't plan to ever buy a brand new car ever so I'll always be driving what someone else abused at sometime or another, or perhaps all the time, but if it's high mileage and it still performs solidly and it's cheap then it's all good until its dead. I will take advantage of people who still believe that 150,000 miles is the final miles of a vehicle with a reputable engine. I know enough people who bought cars near 200,000 miles that kept their car until it rusted or they just felt like something else.
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