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Feb 9, 2006
So has anyone seen the new Chevy Aveo? It's certainly a step up in interior trim and now is reported to check in at 27 City 37 Highway for the stick and 26/34 for the auto. Plus it now has an electric throttle. Did I mention it start's at $9,995? Now, I know it's not everyones' cup of tea but if you're into saving money and gas.....
Maybe you should check out the 4 door Toyota Yaris. Better looking imo then the aveo, better gas mileage, etc.
I'm well aware of the Yaris. I'm just pointing out the fact that the Aveo interior has been restyled and the highway mpg has gone up over the 06 model. I wouldn't mind a Yaris if it weren't for the center mount instrument cluster. I don't care how ergonomic it's supposed to be, it's not my cup of tea. Plus, I don't think you can get a Yaris for $9,995. I doubt you can actually find an Aveo for that much, but at least they advertise it....It's cheaper than an Accent.
Hey, some people are interested in these types of cars, some aren't. My current car is a Saab 9-5, yes, it's great, powerful, luxurious, etc.....but premium is hurtin', even at over 30 mpg. I'm not quite worried about being embarassed anymore.
Originally posted by BrianWC: Plus, I don't think you can get a Yaris for $9,995.
The kicker is that the $9,995 base AVEO does not have A/C. That is a $800-$900 option plus you have to upgrade the trim level to even get that. Before you know it, you are in the mid $12K-$13K. Hootbro
I know, that's why I mentioned you probably can't get an aveo for said price, either. You Don't have to upgrade the trim level though. You can get the value ed and have the dealer install the a/c, which saves money over the next up package. The main point I was making was the interior looks a LOT better and the mpg is up.
Originally posted by BrianWC: The main point I was making was the interior looks a LOT better and the mpg is up.
So? The point is that no one cares about the Aveo. The mileage it offers is ridiculously poor considering its size. Even a 4-cyl Camry gets 24/34? and has much more power and useable space... Smarten up, GM...
The point is we've had threads before about the Aveo and the negatives centered on interior and mpg. I'm just pointing out improvements in areas where people voiced concerns. GM makes larger cars with better fuel economy. That's not the point. I didn't start this thread in the hopes that I was going to inspire everyone to run out and buy an Aveo. If you don't like the Aveo, you certainly don't have to whine about it in this thread. But I realize that's too much of a temptation for many. I'm just passing on information. Tell these people if you have a problem with GM.
FWIW I bought a new 2006 Cobalt LS, auto, A/C and cruise control for $12,000 - about $350 for the GM card rebate. It's getting 32 mpg combined city/highway which is what the EPA highway mileage is supposed to be. It's never been on a trip but I see no reason why it wouldn't get 35 mpg on a (my 2002 Cavalier gets near 40 mpg). My conclusion is that for a little extra $$$ you can get the American made Cobalt which gets close to the same mileage. Parts should be cheaper and more available and you're keeping more money here in the USA where it's needed.
Right, a Cobalt would make me feel a little more comfortable on the interstate. Plus I'd be fulfilling my genetic duty as my dad has bought every cheap Chevy car in the last 30 years.
New used cars are much more appealing than that. The mileage with an auto is an embarassment. Maybe its an antiquated design tranny. The Camry achieves 24/33 and is in a different stratosphere for comfort/room.
If it makes you feel better, I think the new Aveo sedan looks much better that the previous model (inside & out). I wouldn't be afraid to buy/drive one. The Yaris sedan looks nice from outside, but I would never buy a vehicle with a center gauge cluster (why do you think they changed the Quest back to normal -- people do not want center-mounted gauges in a normal, everyday ride). The Fit and Versa might be better, but I can't get passed their looks (yet).
The aveo is just as good as any other tiny ~$12K econo-box. I dont see how you can differentiate the 'quality' between any of them. If that's what you are in the maket for, I'd get the one that costs less and is most comfortable for you. Joel
I was just checking out Chevy's web site. That is a big step up from the previous model. If I was looking for a little commuter car like that, I would certainly consider it. It seems like a nice car for the money. The only problem I have with it is that there's no CD player on the Value Edition. That should be a given on any new car these days. I also wonder how much the dealers are charging to install the AC on those. The AC provisions are only $50, but I'll bet the compressor, lines, evap, condensor, etc. are a couple grand more.
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