"New" 2020 Polo - 1.0 3cyl - Metal in oil

Melbourne, Australia
A member of my family picked up a 2020 model year Polo with the 1.0 3cyl motor. Despite not being my first choice of vehicle. I do quite like how the motor sounds and behaves. Bought from the dealer with approx 500 miles on the odometer (demonstrator vehicle).

The car then went in for an oil change at the dealer at 3000 miles (though, I do wonder whether they actually did it, as the oil wasn't as clean as it could be when I checked the dip stick).

Fast forward to yesterday, I completed an oil change on the vehicle (4500 miles on vehicle, 1500 miles on oil) for peace of mind, being relatively unsure about what the dealer has/has not done.

Attached image shows the metal flakes in the oil. There were a few 'larger' flakes (though I wouldn't call them 'chunks' and a little bit of glitter throughout the oil. Image is just what came out of the sump, not what came out of the oil filter.

Any thoughts on this? I'm aware that wear metals are generally higher for the first few changes; I'm just surprised with what I saw.

Appreciate the input.

For those interested, Edge 5w30 LL was used per the VW spec.


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Still might be some break-in going on. I'd cut the filter open and also take a look. Yeah, maybe the dealer didn't do the 1st oil change. Look at it again at the next oil change and see how it looks.
Champlain/Hudson Valley
Is it possible that the bits in the picture are simply too large to be swept up by the oil pump's suction.
Hunks of metal that big would have easily been caught by any filter.
+1 on opening the filter.
Looks normal. I saw a few flecks in the pan when I drained out the factory fill on our 1.4 TSI Jetta at 1,000 miles. I still get some metal flecks in the pan when I do oil changes on my 2012 Accord with 66K miles, runs like a top.