New 2001 Dodge Stratus, potential problems?

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Feb 12, 2004
Western Washington
I've got a friend who's about to get a 2001 Dodge Stratus SE. It's got an automatic, and according to, either a 2.4L I-4 or the dreaded 2.7L V-6. She's not sure which one it has. Any trouble spots to watch for on this car that she can hopefully catch early and prevent?
I would actualy recommend you friend get a different brand and make. Dodge transmissions, especially the FWD models are almost pure junk unless maintenance was performed as scheduled and even then can be a guess. Hootbro
41TE=A604=junk, at least the 2001 ones. To my knowledge, I don't think the A604 problems are fluid related at all...ATF+4 is a very robust fluid that's good for > 100K.
She's got a friend who's leaving town soon, and this friend will be leaving the car to her, so as far as I know it's free. And anything is an improvement over what she's driving now. I think it's an early 80's Buick or something. The thing is pretty much shot, I can't imagine it has more than a few thousand miles left in it. So the AT is junk, do you think changing the fluid very often would help? If so, what would be good? 30k intervals? Less?
For free? Nothing to lose, really. Not all of the A604/41TE transmissions are junk. Their failure rate just happens to be higher than average. Not all of them have problems. Same applies to Honda B7 units. AFAIK, the problems aren't really fluid related. ATF+4 (licensed) is a good product. Use the least expensive "licensed" ATF+4 you can find and do a cooler line purge/fill every 30K (with pan pull and filter change every other) to rule out the possibility of any fluid related problems. It probably won't make a difference in the life of the transmission, but following that schedule will give you optimal shift quality and peace of mind.
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