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Mar 16, 2003
I'm making the switch to GC 0w30 from M1 10w30. I just was not getting the wear I'd like with M1. I'm going to try GC a few times to see how it does in my LS1 and 5.3 Vortec. It is thicker then M1 10w30 so it will be intresting to see what happens! I found 12qt of GC at Auto Zone. I hope I got the right Syntec. It says "Made in Germany" on the back on the bottme left side and that was the only difference on the bottle. All the bottles had a little oil resadue on them kind of like M1 bottles but when I squeezed them they were sealed up tight. My engines seem to be quiet on M1 so I wonder how they will sound on GC? I'll make the switch as soon as I hit 3,000 miles on this last M1 run. My engines burn no M1, does anyone here using GC burn it? I hope My engines willnot start to burn when I make the switch!
Dude, next post....your hitting 1000. Anyway, I don't see how there would be that big of a difference between the M1 and GC. If you want the thicker stuff, jump ship and go with the 15W-50, or dilute it down with a mixture of 10W-30/15W-50. Did I read that right? Your changing out the M1 at 3K intervals? Man, that can get expensive.
I was sgoing to go 10,000 on this M1 but Based on my last UOA I decided to drop the freshly installed M1 early and begind the GC. I feel sence the GC is a heavy 30wt it should do better then M1 being a light 30wt in my V8's. My M1 UOA were not to bad but I want better. If GC does not do any better I'll move on to the next oil. I might even come back to M1 again...mileage, time and UOA's will tell! That is right....1000 posts baby!!!! [Patriot] [Cheers!]
Of course, there's always M1 0W-40. Starts at 0W & ends at the low-to-mid 40's (as opposed to the high 30's for GC), has enough toughness & additives to meet GM's Long Life rating, & shows great stability in N/A engines. But, wear is wear. If you don't like the M1 10W-30 results, you probably won't like the 0W-40 results either.
Chris, did you consider the Mobil 1 0w-40? Thats what I've changed to in my Dodge Dakota (a motor that calls for 5/10w-30) and have never looked back. [Patriot] Darryl [Cheers!] I have got to learn to type faster [Big Grin] [ April 08, 2004, 02:50 PM: Message edited by: Darryl ]
I did think about the M1 0w40 but after studing the 2 oils I feel that the GC should give me better results. I do feel that one of the weeknesses of M1 is it's ability to prevent micro-rust/corrsion whis was talked about on here before. As my last 2 UOA's Iron was in the low to mid 30's ppm and the lab confirmed it was a lot of corrosion mixed with iron wear. I'm betting and hoping that the GC will stop this and give me a much lower and truer iron wear numbers. We shall see, this will be a good test for GC and I will post the results!
SSdude, let me know if your engine sounds different with GC. How does yours sound now and what oil were you using? [Smile]
Chris B, the quiter sound is from the thicker GC oil. You could add 1qt of M1 15w-50 and you'd noticed a quiter running engine. In fact that is what I did and that is what happend. You picked a good oil. It will be interesting to see the results. [Smile]
Originally posted by Chris B.: SSdude, let me know if your engine sounds different with GC. How does yours sound now and what oil were you using? [Smile]
For a cammed LS1 my car is not too loud. The noise was reduced when I ran Redline. I am doing an Auto-Rx rinse now using 50% Castrol GTX 10w-30 and 50% Castrol GTX 20w-50. The noise level is about the same as when I ran Redline.
Chris, Have you noticed any P Slap since your rebuild? Mine started to slap a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I'm done with my ARX rinse phase, I'm going straight to M1 15W-50 with my very own additive! [Cheers!] I had run M1, Havoline Syn and GC before the rebuild and the noise level was always the same....loud as heck. [stretch]
I still have a "diesel" sound and I'm not sure if it is PS or something else? I'll see if the sound changes with the use of GC which I will put in use in the next 2,000 or o miles. The engine is finishing up some M1 10w30.
Chris, Don't get your hopes up man.....mine sounded exactly the same with GC as it did with M1 or any other oil. As long as the UOAs look decent, you will have nothing to worry about.
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