Never changed the oil

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Oct 11, 2004
upstate n.y
Was at my buddies garage this morning and he had a (saturn suv) with a siezed motor. Motor had just over 66,000 mile on and never had an oil change, still had original oil filter on, they just kept adding oil when needed. Over the week end a full size van came in with a siezed engine (new engine 11,000 miles ago) guy had not changed the oil and had run it dry. Oil filter still had installation date written on it,Where doo these people come from? with all the advertising out there on getting your oil changed how in **** can you not do it.
Legislators really need to step in here to protect the consumer from these avoidable mishaps. Cars must be smart enough to protect themselves from breakdown due to neglect. People can't be expected to look under the hood themselves. It's hot and icky under there.
Tosh is correct. The auto industry is to blame for not coming out with a feature that alerts the local authorities, or the bank who has the car loan, that the oil is way overdue for a change. Perhaps a lockout feature when the oil is too dirty so the car won't start. Or maybe a couple of hands need to come out the dashboard -- one to grab you by the shirt, the other to slap you silly with a voice demanding you to get the oil changed! We need more idiot-proof cars!
Right? And they have computers working overtime figuring out how to squeeze every last dollop of energy out of fuel with minimum pollution and controlling airbags, braking, anti-skid, and tire pressures. We put a man on the moon almost 40 years ago, and cars are breaking down today from being low on oil? The promise of computers making our lives easier is a big disappointment.
You guys crack me up. I'm thinking of mandatory sentences for car abusers. Perhaps cars should have rights. You abuse it, you lose it. Seriously - these people could be working near you, or be next to you at the grocery store. Maybe they could be doing your taxes, or planning your city.
The car industry will not necessarily like you guys for trying to protect thier products from neglect..neglect equals big dollars in sales of repairs and new cars..... Everyone who has ever worked in a garage/service shop has seen this....its nothing new!
i'd bet my bottom dollar that the two aforementioned people are city planner #1 and city planner #2 for my big little city of Charlotte, NC.
I am good friends with a mechanic and actually worked for him through high school. I learned in the first few months that not everyone paid any attention to their car as much as I did. To them, as long as it started and rolled and they could see out the windshield they were good to go. Than when something would break down due to horrible/minimal maitnance it was the cars fault, or the brands (Ford, Chevy, Dodge etc.) fault. Everyday I see cars riding around with one of those spare "donut" tires, at speeds in excess of 60-70 mph, and they ride around till that tire blows. I just put a set of tires on my truck cause I had a couple flats while at my dads house in Alabama and I replaced the bad tires and they were a different brand than the other two. I want to shoot my brother in law and my sister everytime they buy another car cause they drive them into the ground and dont do anything to it except pump gas into it and when it breaks they park it in their yard and buy another one and repeat this process. When they have about 5 or 6 broke cars in the yard (usually takes them about a year to accumulate this many) they try to make one car out of all of those. The kicker to b-i-l is a mechanic himself.
There needs to be a flashing message on the dashboard LCD: "X miles until warranty voided." Maybe that would get some people to notice it. The new BMWs kind of do it already by sending a message to the dealer with the info that you're due for service.
Ignorant people do ignorant things that is just the way it is. Having the government protect people from themselves is stupid as every one loses.
This is exactly why GM puts an oil level sensor on most of their cars, and others have started too. Some even ding and flash at you when it is low.
There is lots of people out there like this. Both guys and gals. I worked in a gas station in the 70s while in high school and also worked a couple years in a engine remanufacturing shop in the early 80s. I could tell you many horror stories about never changing oil or never checking oil or both. Many years ago I came to the conclusion there was a endless supply of these types of people. Usually they blame ALL their problems with their vehicles on the manufactures or someone who worked on it or both it never their fault.
If you own a new BMW you just might get a call from them when your car needs service! The BMW assist option (standard with some models) will use its communications and GPS systems to alert the dealer that it it time for service. It can also phone in if you have a breakdown or accident so the dealer can be ready to service your car when it get s there. BMW TeleService Your vehicle’s service needs are transmitted automatically or at your request to your BMW center. Your service advisor then calls you to set up a convenient appointment
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