neo syntheic motor oil

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Dec 3, 2002
los angeles county
i found a website that sells neo 10w-30 for $20 a gallon: SNIP does anyone have any experience with this motor oil? i did a search but it didnt yield very much info. there isnt much difference in cost b/w mobil one and neo synthetic, so i just wanted to know what would be best for my honda. also, does neo contain the all important moly? [ January 16, 2003, 05:54 PM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
OilCanBoyd - I tried Neo once in the past and found it to be comparable to other synthetics,yet much higher priced. Also, Chris is right; Baker doesn't respond to e-mails. Their marketing seems geared toward track / strip usage. I couldn't justify buying anymore, particularly when M1 has a better composition and is cheaper. Stick with a brand name.
I was thinking of running the full synthetic 10w30 after i get my current Mobil 1 analyzed. But getting to the question.. I do find it curious that the thicker "Street and Strip" oils have SJ certs, but the 10w30 is still SH. One of the things i'm curious on is that NEO prides themselves on using diesters in their full syn, but don't mention anything in the semi-syn "Street and Strip". Only the Falex test showing it being better than most synthetics is listed. If i remember (and i get down there in time on friday) i'll swing by the NEO/Baker shop and see if i can't get more info on it. ferb!
Originally posted by Chris: They also do not reply to e-mails.
I can second that. I was interested in Neo's 0w-5 but the distributor doesn't answer emails. They close their business during lunch hour. They promise to return calls but don't, and it's nearly impossible to talk to anybody that knows anything about oil. I did learn (from the receptionist) that their 0w-5 is intended for passenger car use and is their second best selling item--behind one of their greases. It's an interesting oil distributed by the wrong folks.
Maybe so, but diesters don't have the oxidative stability that do polyols such as TMP and PE. In terms of oxidative stability: 3. PE's (Redline) 2. TMP's (Amsoil and current formulations of Mobil 1). 1. Di-esters. (NEO)
I even called them one time and they told me to email the question, which I did. Guess what, silence forever. [Bang Head]
Maybe Ferb needs to swing by the shop and tell them to "WAKE UP!" Businesses closing up all over and and I suppose we have to beg for info and get nothing. I'm lost. [I dont know]
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