NEO oil and API spec

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Mar 23, 2003
Hopewell, Virginia, USA
A couple of weeks ago, when looking at NEO's website, I noticed that the street oils were advertised as meeting obsolescent API specs--typically SJ but even SH or SG--with no mention of the current SL spec. In response to my e-mail, NEO confirmed that its street oils meet API SL, and it is updating its website. This is the same issue that has been raised with Red Line's US website, though its Australian website is up-to-date. Red Line is supposed to be updating its site too. Did NEO and Red Line hire--or not hire--the same web designers? [Big Grin] Seriously, just thought you'd find this info about NEO of interest.--Ed
Interesting, considering the API has no spec AGAINST using lead or developing specifications for maximum lead levels. I guess as long as the Phosphorus levels go down to 500 ppm, you can use all the lead you want! Seems Ironic!
I think it's interesting also that oil makers don't seem to have any clue how important their web sites are to their image and the sales of their products. Big and small companies alike are guilty of confounding their customers (or potential customers) with incomplete, completely absent, or hard-to-find information on their products.
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