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Nov 16, 2003
New York, NY
We have been struggling for several months with a persistent "check engine light" problem with our 02 Accord V6. Happens intermittently, without warning, sometimes stops after a few minutes, soemties continues for a while. When it happens, the engine computer richens up the mix considerably and the MPG drops like a stone. Sometimes get some misfiring. For those of you familiar with the 6th gen. Accords...we've had the EGR valve replaced twice since March, to no avail. It's something else. The mechanics are having difficulty figuring it out, not getting enough info from the engine computer. Maybe it's the problem.

Here's the question for you all. Just had the oil changed 300 miles ago. With the problems noted above, any concerns about fuel dilution of the oil? It's going into the dealer on Wednesday. Assuming they get it fixed, should I have the oil changed again? Thanks for your advice, Steve
Should have mentioned, we do about 80% highway driving, so the engine runs at normal temp. most of the time.
5 qts Pennzoil 5W-20.....$8
1 Honda Oil Filter.......$5
Advice from BITOG members.....PRICELESS

Seriously though, why not just spend the money and have a little piece of mind? 5w20 is thin enough for that V6 IMHO, imagine if there's a boatload of gasoline in it also.

As far as the problem with your car, if you got the shop manual, find every sensor that feeds into the ECU, and then press the dealer to check everyone of them. If it looks like you know what you're talking about, the dealer might not so easily shine you on.

I have very little to go on here, but I have a sneaking suspicion you got a bad sensor or ECU.
Maybe you'll be lucky and JohnBrowning will chime in too. He loves to write volumes.
Although he sounds like a pretty good mechanic.

If you would, let me know how you make out. Wish I could of been more help, but I had a extremely hectic schedule lately. I share some interest since I too own a 02 Accord V6 and for another reason I can't mention. Best of luck.
Get them to check the coolant temp. sensor.

As for the fuel dilution, have a sniff of the dipstick
, if it is badly diluted you may be able to smell the gas.

I would not leave a 5W-20 in the engine while this is happening. Come to think of it, I wouldn't leave a 5W-20 in an engine at any time.

Having worked at dealer's for many years,I have to say that this does happen sometimes.You need to get the service manager and the shop foreman involved if you have not already.Insist on a free rental and ask if the they have contacted honda tech support.Ask the shop foreman if it was his vehicle,if he thought the oil should be changed again.Give the foreman permission to drive the vehicle for a week or two,depending on the frequency of the problem,this might not be necessary.Good luck,and I hope they fix it this time.
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