Need to collect sample, Have no sample bottle. Help.

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Dec 8, 2002
West Coast
Here’s the deal. I’m going on vacation and need to change my oil before I go. I don’t have a sample kit right now (but will next week). What is a suitable container to store the oil in until I can put into a proper sample bottle and send it off to the lab. Obviously, I want to minimize contamination to the maximum extent practicable.
A mason jar would work too. If it were me I'd go out and buy a brand new one, then wash it thoroughly. It would then be extremely clean.
You can also use an old baby food bottle. Just the right size and you can seal the cap and wrap it in some bubble wrap and a small box and send it like that. [Smile]
I had this happen once and bought a small Pyrex dish with a lid. Make sure whatever you use can handle the extreme temps of freshly poured oil. Cheers, 3MP
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