Need new tires for my 2012 Camry L with 22K

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Jun 19, 2014
Clermont, Fl
Need to replace the stock Michelin tires that came on my 2012 Camry L. Not impressed that they only lasted 22K with regular rotations. Any ideas? DTC wants to sell me Kunhos
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Michelin Premier A/S all the way.

I have Kumho’s on my Sonata and they’re good too, though. But I will replace with the Michelin’s.
With it not being a "high" performance vehicle, nor any off-road capabilities, you could use any standard tire. Being in Florida you won't need all-season but might want something with good wet traction. Then there's budget, you can probably get a set for anywhere from $300 to $700.

Michelin makes good tires but it might be that Toyota just requested a low end model to reduce their costs. Kumho are fair quality at a good price, but will be out performed by higher priced Michelins.
Don't let the original tires affect your decision making, the OEM tires that came on the car will be different than even the same exact tire model that you buy aftermarket. The OEM tires are built for very specific priorities, of which tire life isn't very high.

The online collective seems to really like the General AltiMAX RT43 as a very good value.
I would take a look at something like this.
On a very similar vehicle (Lex ES), I have been impressed with Cooper's value line for wear and performance. The Mastercraft Strategy has saved us a lot of money at the rate they are wearing. Wet performance is critical here and that matters to you, too. He's what I said before:

They may be no better than the General recommended, but it's something else to put head-to-head with them.
Most OE tires don't last that long. Remember, OE tires are not the same as aftermarket tires like you'd get from Tire Rack, DT/DTD, Walmart, or your favorite tire shop, even when they share the same name. For example, Michelin Primacy MXM4 from TR is not the same as the "same" Primacy MXM4 that originally came on the car.

Your tire size is 205/65-16, right?

The RT43 is very popular on here, and so is the Cooper CS5 Ultra

Another good tire worth looking at is the Falken Ziex ZE950
I have 27k of the energy saver AS tires on my accord and they barely show wear. I'm happy. The primacy mxv4 on our Odyssey are the same condition. They were 7.5/32 at 24k when I measured them last. Something isn't right with your car.
I have never heard of a set of Michelins that have been rotated being worn out in 22k.

What tyre was it exactly?

Were they worn unevenly? Cracked sidewalls?

My first choice is Michelin if i can afford them at the time.

But i have also had decent experiences with Hankook, Falken, Toyo and Nexen. Have Continentals on the S Class and Smart and have driven 2500 in the Merc (now on 14500) and they are wearing well, the Smart has 900 miles and again they seem to be wearing well.

Tyre noise on both is higher than i would like.

When we had Continentals previously ony wifes Clio diesel it wore its tyres out quickly on the front and also unevenly, that was a trait of mk3 Clios though but Contis were the worst.
What size do you have on your Camry?

This could make the difference in what is available. I am thinking that you have 205-65-16 as others have mentioned or 215-60-16. There are some great tires in both sizes. However, if you have stepped up(maybe from the dealer or aftermarket) to 17" or larger, then the tire availability/sizes could be different and the recommendations of our members may change.
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What colour Camry?

It doesn't matter .... the tires will be black anyway
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Pirelli P4 All Season PLUS
General AltiMAX RT43

Both good options. Have the RT43s on the 2012 Camry here. The Michelin Energy tires went 52k miles before changing them out.

On my brother's 2014 Camry he change his Michelin tires out around 25k or so iirc. He went with Goodyear Assurance ComforTreds and really likes them.
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