Need New Crab Steamer


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Jan 9, 2009
New England
I have the pictured steamer, which was used and passed down to me by my dad since he bought it some time in the mid 90s. It works well, though it does result in a bit of boil-over and soggier meat in the bottom-most crabs than the middle and top of the pot.

We also have a craw fish boil a couple of times per year and the built in strainer basket is nice for draining the liquid and dumping the goodies onto a platter.

The problem is that the pot is starting to rust and is only good for steaming maybe a dozen small (and fewer larger) crabs at a time. Boiling craw dads is even more trouble due to the size.

Any recommendations?

haha - I first read the title as carb steamer! Started thinking I've never seen anyone clean a carb that must have a forgiving wife.