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Sep 27, 2003
Princeton, TX
I've got an 04 Ranger with 235/75-15 tires. I currently have the stock Goodyear Wrangler RT/S (Road Traction Sucks, that's the best comment about these tires). I'm getting ready to install a limited slip in the rear end. The truck is 2wd, but it's an Edge, so it's lifted like a 4wd. I want an aggressive looking tire, but with a good ride. The RT/S is fairly aggressive looking, but has bad traction in almost every road condition. I have been looking at the Kumho Venture ATs. The other day at Walmart, I saw the BFGoodrich Land Terrains. Has anyone had any experience with these BFGs? They were "C" on the temp, but still had a 50,000 mile warranty. I don’t want an LT, and the truck specs a P tire. Are there any other tires that anyone knows of that might fit what I'm looking for? I like the specs on the Firestone Destination LE on tirerack, but they don't look very aggressive. I know, I'm living my second childhood! [I dont know] Thanks for any help, Brian
My wife's Frontier has the BFG tires you mentioned as original equipment. Currently they have 23,000 miles and a lot of life left. Performance has been OK. I have to second the Duelers. I put over 50,000 miles on a set on my full size blazer. They have to be the best all around tire I have used.
I have put over 60,000 miles on my Bridgestone Dueler AT's since I bought my f150 used. They still have some tread left and no vibration. They're dangerous if you hit standing water with one side of the truck, though, because they "grab" standing water.
I'll throw another vote in for the Bridgestone Dueler AT. I had the previous version (D693) on my 2wd '97 F150. They were a very nice riding tire with decent traction in anything besides mud (but its an AT tire, so I wasn't expecting any different!). On my '99 F150, I have the Dueler at REVO's (D694). Bar none, the best AT tire I have ever owned, and remarkably quiet. If you look at their tread block, you'll probably not beleive a tire like this is relatively quiet! The previous version, the D693's have a nice tread pattern that isn't nearly as agressive as the REVO's. I was happy with both, but I like my REVO's better!
Another vote for the Revos's. It's what I run on my 4Runner in the summer and after about 11K miles I couldn't be happier with them. The difference between the Goodyear RTS and the Revos under any conditions is startling. Just don't expect them to ride quite as well or be as quiet...
The Yokohamas only come in my size in a XL load. How will this affect the ride. Right now I have SL (105S), and the XL is 108S. I'm guessing that the XL have stiffer sidewalls? Thanks for all the help, Brian
My wife's 2002 Explorer has P235X70XR16(104S) Yokahama Geolander GO51's. I'm surprised your 2004 Ranger has only 15" wheels. I thought the Explorer and Ranger used the same size wheels and tires, P235X70X16, [I dont know] . Especially with your's being a 2004. The ride height should be the same or close if you get the same size and profile tires as what's on there now. Not sure about SL vs XL? I don't know about that. In all honesty though just about any tire will be better than those Goodyear RTS' [Roll Eyes] . And if it rides slightly stiffer it's well worth it to get a better/safer tire. Whimsey
I have Bridgestone Dueler Revo's on my 2002 F-150. They are a great tire, whether it's wet or snowy. They are also very quiet on the highway. The truck came with General "non" Grabbers. They were a good riding tire but in anything other than a dry road they were dangerous [Eek!] . My wife got Yokahama Geolander H/T-S GO51 for her 2002 Explorer to replace the factory Michlens. Tire Rack had the Geolanders for $61. It has an aggressive tread(the main requirement from the wife [Roll Eyes] ) and it rides real well in the highway and the grip on wet is real good. Haven't had snow yet so I can't comment on snow behavior. For the price they are a bargain [Smile] . I think they have a 60,000 mile tread wear warranty. Whimsey
this is an interesting topic. the stock goodyear gsa wranglers that came on my jeep have gone 55,000 miles and still have more than 1/4" of tread on them. my inclination is to replace long before they are near the breaking point, simply because i do not want to be stuck on some trailhead someplace with destroyed tires because i chose to go cheap. all this kinda depends on how and where you drive and what you need your vehicle to do. triple a doesn't tend to want to come out into the boonies where i seem to want to get stuck.
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