Need help with choice of oil for my new Mercedes

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We do have something of a mix of units.

We buy oil and fuel in litres but reckon consumption in MPG. Why - because distances and speed limits are still in miles.

Don't you guys in the US ever go metric or you'll end up trying to figure consumption in L/100 Km which makes no sense to me at all.

In Canada that's what we officially use. I basically just memorized rough conversion because US MPG is what most people casually use. 7.9 L/100km is about 30 US mpg.
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OP has the M264 engine, calls for essentially a 30(.51,.52) or 20 grade (.71). The "older" 2.0 turbo is the M270/M274 engine, which allowed for 229.5 spec oil. Easiest way to tell the difference of these engines at a glance is that the M260/M264 has no dipstick, and the M270/M274 has a dipstick.

Most dealers will put .52 in because it is cheaper to purchase in bulk. Oil capacity is 6.0L (6.34 quarts). There are very few cars (such as the new A-class) that specify ONLY .71.

If I was the owner of this vehicle, I'd use any 229.52 motor oil. Also, the genuine MB filters are very good and I am yet to see one with tears or even twisted pleats.
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And I would use (as mentioned above).... Mobil1 5w30 ESP... Or Shell helix ultra ECT or AV-L 5w30....

All 3 mentioned above are vw 504/507 (higher then MB 229.51 alone)...
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I just purchased a 2021 Mercedes GLC 300 4Matic SUV with the 2L turbocharged engine. It calls for oil changes every 10K or 1 year but I plan on changing at 5K.

In looking at the owner's manual it states that I should use either 229.51, 229.61 or 229.71. The 229.71 is listed with an asterisk stating it is the best for increasing fuel economy. The 229.51 appears to be 5w-30 or 5w-40, the 229.61 is 0w-30 and the 229.71 is 0w-20. I hope to keep this car for many years and many miles. What would be the best to use to mitigate future problems? I am thinking wear and general GDI issues to avoid.

Thanks for your thoughts

Not 100% relevant as my W222 S Class is a diesel.

But 5w30 is what I use.

Some Mercedes dealers use 5w30 Mobil Super 3000 Formula M

Most use Mobil 1 5w30 ESP

The oil changes I do myself I use Castrol Edge 5w30, mainly becuase I can buy it for under £30 for 4 litres at Costco and 2 of those is exactly what the engine takes.

I would personally not put 0w20


I have worked all over the world in different measurement systems…
What tool of measurement is anyone struggling with ?
Some of the numbers are exaggerated in any system
I recall being the cold eyes guy and was finally asked my opinion. Told the kPa guys they just had a 30 minute heated debate about 20 psi in a 10k psi system … They woke up and we moved on …
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