Need help with ATF0T4 (JWS 3309)

Dec 17, 2012
Dubai, UAE, Middle East
I drive a Volvo S60 2008 - which has a 5 Speed Automatic AW 55-50/51SN by Aisin Warner transmission.

The recommended fluid for my vehicle is Aisin ATF0T4 (JWS 3309) ( / Some technical specifications shown in these links - /

The above mentioned oil is available in my place from only authorized service center sold under Volvo brand name which costs like $150 for 4 liters.

Whilst checking online I came across this product Aisin Multi-Transmission 4LSX4L (M4) (AFW+) ( Some technical specifications are shown in these links - / /

I wanted to know if Aisin Multi-Transmission 4LSX4L (M4) (AFW+) is suitable for my vehicle?
Edit : I want to ask here if Aisin AFW+ (shown in amazon link) is the same as OEM fluid Aisin ATF0T4 (JWS 3309) (shown in fcpeuro link)?

Sidenote Irrelevant Background : In 2018 my vehicle was having difficulty in shifting to Park Gear after a super long drive. I took it to a local mechanic who did gearoil change (as oil color was black) with a DEXRON 6 oil - which solved this issue. Since then he has done another oil change using the same oil in 2020. As of today the gearbox is being funny in variety of ocassions, such as there is a loud jerk when i leave the accelerator and press the accelerator while driving; some vibration when I have stopped at a traffic light only if the vehicle is in D gear; and at times the shift is very noisy when shifting to R after a long drive (loud thud when it engages in R). I know much damage has already been done considering the vehicle age and the type of oil used, but I want to minimize further damage and ensure the trasmission lives for 3-4 years atleast whilst giving a smooth experience by using the correct oil.
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Jul 26, 2004
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Did you see that JWS3309 is also branded as Toyota T-IV? Seems that might be easily acquired in the Middle East.

Aisin sells a T-IV labelled product.

Sep 17, 2012
A Barrier Island
Used this in my Aisin trans, 2006 Saab. Proper trans fluid for your Volvo also.

Nov 20, 2006
This is what I use in these Aisin transmissions. $5.11 a qt

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 00004320528, 000077114E01, 0023219023, 00279000T4, 05189966AB, 0888681015, 1161540, 11615408, 22689186, 2905312000, 3309, 83220402413, 83222220438, 88900925, 93160393, 9900022B00, 9986195, ASRC, ATF3309, ATF3317, G0550251LDSP, G055025A2, JWS3309, JWS3309US, LR002748, SCS, XT8QAW, ATF-0T4