need help picking an amsoil

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Nov 24, 2003
Ellicott City, MD
SamMan23: Use the Amsoil 10W30 year round. Order it here from one of the Site Sponsors or directly from the Corporate Website (UPS in two days to my door!). A good product that will easily go 10K miles between changes. Mike
I had a 98 Maxima and used the Amsoil 10W30 with 10,000 mile OCI. These engines are rock solid IMO and wear well. I believe it is a 10W recommended not the 5W. The 10W is the best oil for the buck I feel. Now if you were going a full years between changes perhaps the Series 2000 0W or the Series 3000 5W but 10,000 miles or less then a year the 10W is great. No XL oils, go the full synthetic, really no price differencial with Amsoil.
5w30 is what I planned on and the recommended for the vehicle. I just didn't know which ones I could go extended drain on. Now what's the difference b/w 0w series 2000 and 5w series 3000?
There seems to be 1)series 2000 0w30 2)regular full synthetic 5w30 3)series 3000 5w30 for diesels 4)xl 7500 5w30. which they still call synthetic. I'm not sure all the differences or advantages of those are.
The ASL is their regular 5W30. I use the word regular with caution as this is a premium product. If I were going to use an Amsoil 5W30, this is the one I would use. [ February 04, 2004, 11:41 PM: Message edited by: Johnny ]
after i flush with auto-rx i'm gonna go with amsoil. I'd like to do extended drain. I just need to know which oil to use. my car is a 98 maxima. vq3000 engine. There are just so many amsoil oils I can't figure out which is which. i'm also having a hard time figuring out which threads are the ones I need to pay attention to after reading them.
I'm guessing that your car calls for 5w30. Why not just use the German Castrol 0w30, which is ACEA A3 rated for long drain intervals, an can be bought at any Autozone?
SamMan23, I'm using Amsoil ASL 5W30 right now. Started using Amsoil just this past December. Don't have UOA done on this car yet (next December). Going 6 months before changing. The VQ being so smooth, ASL has not made it any smoother. You will be using the oversize oil filter? I'm using the Amsoil SDF-20 which is the larger oil filter.
Sam - sorry to jump in here. Texas, correct? You could use the full synthetic 10W-30 ATM, or the same but 5W-30, ASL. These two oils are at sweet spot for pricing of a fully synthetic premium oil. The 0W-30 is a good oil, but probably overpriced for your situation. And if you wanted to go with a better additivized oil for even longer drains the 5W-30 HDD would be the way to go in your car.
Since you live in Texas, I'd run the Amsoil 10w-30, ie "ATM" instead of their 5w-30, since the high temp properties are marginally better. You want to bias your oil selection towards the problem area for a particular climate. If you lived in Minn, the 0w-30 would be the way to go here .... Tooslick
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