Need help finding a new projector

Feb 27, 2018
I need recommendations on a new projector. It needs to be ceiling mountable, have the ability to connect to external speakers via Bluetooth, and have wifi connectivity for casting to it from a laptop or phone. Thanks... I tried looking and I'm not seeing anything that exactly fills all those criteria
Is it a home theater setup? Sounds like you need to use an A/V receiver as your hub and run that to your display (projector).
No specific budget, it's for work in our meeting room. They want me to help point them in the right direction of what they need to get.
Inexpensive large Flatscreen TVs are better IMHO for your use case. Just make sure to shut it off end of day . We had one char our office wall.

Unless the projection area is beyond the 75” -84” range projectors are better.

Just what our tech company does .

Make sure if you plan on using as video conference to get decent audio setup built for it.