Need help choosing remote filter substitute

Jun 12, 2021
Chevy Gen V L86: did a special build and since I'll be using it for commercial application, I'm relocating the filter so it's easier to access.

The stock filter is a AC Delco PF64, 30 micron, 22 psi bypass, 7.9 flow rate.

For the remote mount (3/4-16, sealing surface is really large), I found a Donaldson 557780. Bypass range 18-23, 40 micron, didn't find a flow rate but it's a considerably larger filter. I was hoping for a larger filter to extend my service interval a little. This filter is also pretty affordable compared to the wix. I've used donaldson in diesel applications and they seem fine.

I know the specs are off a little is it enough to matter?

I also found wix 57430 and wl7426, Mann w94025 and Purolator L30257 but from what I've read, Purolator may not be the best choice, and who makes Purolator? Mann.

I guess I could find a metric remote mount for the stock filter, but was hoping for a larger and hopefully easier to find filter in case of emergency.

Thanks in advance