Need grease for a bushing in a trans with a wet clutch and atf

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Nov 17, 2015
Hello, Motorcycle trans I need a grease I can put on a bushing thats in a low oil flow area, where I had some wear. It has a wet clutch and uses atf, I cant put something with any ep addatives, or friction reducers in it for fear of causing clutch slippage. I know theres some trans gel and other automatic safe assembly lubes, but they all say "soluable in oil" meaning they will wash out, and not plug circulating systems. These atf assembly gels seem to ceartainly be an option, however id prefer the stuff would stay there as long as possible. Question section 1. What are some examples of "non oil soluable grease" 2. Arent most greases with your average thickeners, clay, lithium, sodium, calcium, aluminum oil soluable? I mean oil is dissolved into them, therefore shouldnt they be souble in oil? 3. Any reccomendations? Thanks, Aaron Englert.
So you want to lubricate something that is seeing some lubricating oil movement, but not enough? I dont think its right to say that a grease base is soluble in oil. However, I think it is safe to say that the oil held up in a grease, is soluble in other oil, and therefore the oil that came in the grease is likely to be exchanged out. Im not sure that is the worst thing. But if the oil flow causes a slow erosion and dispersion of the grease thickener, what will that do for the same items youre concerned about affecting with additives?
So basically there clutch pushrod goes through the mainshaft, its operated by a cam/notch, the pushord is also what locates the cam. So theres a bushing in that end of the mainshaft that takes any axial load on the cam/lever, which may be generated by gravity or cable pull angle. This location is above oil level, has no way of introducing any flow. Short of laying the bike on its side I dont see any reason for oil to exist in this location. The bushing was basically gone when I took it apart. It was not negatively effecting clutch actuation. I took this engine apart because of conn rod big end bearing failure So id just like some tenacious grease without any crazy addatives to help the situation a little. These transgel type greases will ceartainly work, but being designed to wash away to prevent pluging passages, sounds to me like it wont hang around its designed not to. This trans has no circulating system and is seprate from the engine sump. So I guess my question is... Is the transgel [censored] really much more soluable in oil than a standard grease? Are they just saying that so that people wont be too concerned about plugging things? After some googling the transgels trick is liquifying at 143f. I think I need to find something else.
I like to use smooth light buttery type greases for slides like what you are talking about or throw out bearings on snouts like lucas g3 grease
The red petroleum jelly used to assemble automatic transmissions (stop by any trans rebuild shop to see it) would work just fine.
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The red petroleum jelly used to assemble automatic transmissions (stop by any trans rebuild shop to see it) would work just fine.
But would it stay? I think it will melt... Id like it to be there in 9 more years....
Why not just "lay" the bike on it's side once in a great while to re-lube the bushing? Is the bike big? Heavy? And if the tranny fluid is not getting to this bushing, what makes you think a grease will get washed away?
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No, its a motocross bike, quite easy to lay on its side. I was thinking that already, I was also thinking it wont wash standard grease away, but that the trans gel or vasoline will just melt away and drip out right away
Well im a but tired of waiting on the back ordered mainshaft, the bushing comes pressed in and is not avaliable seperately. I have some bushing bronze, and a lathe. Dont have any "oilite" or stintered bronze
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