Need explanation on Blackstones TBN testing

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Jun 6, 2003
Petersburg, West Virginia
I recently had a UOA from Blacksone on Castrol gtx. The oil had only 1500 miles on it and the tbn came back at 2.5. Seems very low for the low mileage. Is their new method desinged to be very protective in order to encourage oil changes or is it just real accurate?
When things don't make sense, then you need to retest.

I don't like data mining, but you have to have a bit of filtering for data that's totally wacko.
Wouldn't Blackstone see this and retest just to be sure they got it right? Maybe their new way of testing shows something else?
I believe Trrry reported that Blackstone recently purchased new equip and are using the more conservative method of testing TBN which results in lower numbers 2-3 points in TBN I thought.
The previous TBN's from Blackstone were pretty inflated ...the new technique is more in line with the ASTM D-4739 method that Oil Analyzers and AVLube use.

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