Need advice on oil------(Delvac 1300 Super 15W-40 vs Mobil 1)

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Mar 1, 2003
I've read some good things about this oil on this site. Would this be a good choice for a 22RE 4cyl. that has 128,000 miles and has a habit of oil consumption. I've done the RX treatments and I'm ready to start with a good oil. I'm also considering Mobil 1 10W-30. and 25% 15W-50. That would be 3qts to 1qt right? Really interested in the Delvac though. Any advice would br very helpful. Thanx!!! Rando
What is the year of your Toyota and how much oil is it useing per 1000 miles or per oil change??? The 22RE pre 1987 I think hat an overly agressive oil ring and with alot of down shifting you would use alot of oil. THey fixed this in 1987 0r 1988 I think with a heat treated stainless steel oil ring that had less tension. It is unusual for this engine to use much more then 1/2-1 quart of dino oil per 3000 miles unless it has been driven harder then heck with out proper maintence. They will usualy make it to 200,000 with no smokeing or excessive oil consumption feed a diet of 20W50 in warm months and 10W30 dureing winter. They will make it to 300,000 on this diet. If it has been driven hard and ran on thin oil the thrust bearing will start to knock at 200,000-240,000. The transmission if not properly servived will usualy start to jump out of gear at about 150,000-180,000 miles My family has owned about 7 22RE equiped Toyota and I used to race prep 22RE's in celica's and truck. I was a BWM and Toyota Tech. In spite of what is on the cap on the newer Toyota's they do not live as long or as happy with 5W30 dino oil. The 22RE is in my opion they most durable engine ever put into a gasoline powered car or truck it is even better then the slant six!!
My truck is a 95 Toyota 4x4 ext. cab. 22RE 4cyl. 5 speed. I love this truck! I've added a Hotshot Preformance Air Intake System and a 2 1/4" cat back pipe and Flowmaster Muffler. I'm getting 25 mpg. It really runs good, very quick since the new intake. It uses around 1/2 qt every 1000 miles or so. It doesn't smoke or leak a drop. I guess it just uses it. Currently using Mobil Drive Clean 10W-30 and Toyota OEM filter.

So are recommending using 20W-50 in the summer and back to 10W-30 in the winter? What do you think about the use of synthetics? Say, (Mobil 1 15W-50). I've also heard good things about Delvac 1300 Super in cleaning and helping in oil consumption. Any thoughts?
Thanks for all the info. that you've provided here. Thanx, Rando

Originally posted by vvk:
I guarantee you'll have much higher consumption with Mobil 1. Don't know about Delvac.

I am using about a quart per 850 miles with 5W30 and a quart per 1,100 miles with 10W40. Right now, I am trying (for the first time) Shell Rotella T 5W40 which might be a good choice for you. I just put it in tonight. If you are interested, I will let you know how it works out.
I wouldn't use either in a car that consumes oil. The sulfated ash is 1.2 - 1.5 for M1 and 1300 S. A high SA content will leave more deposits as the oil burns which could lead to pinging. Most PCMOs are in the .7 - 1 range with M1 being the exception (I think due to the high Ca).

If you want a HDMO, give Motorcraft a try as the SA is about .9.

Also, the high mileage oils may be a good choice here as they are less volatale than most other dino oils and have about 10% group IV.
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