Need a hand pump fluid oil extractor

Jul 24, 2010
Need change F150 front diff fluid . The cover is very hard to get off without take whole front diff off . I saw most peoples using fluid extractor to pump out old fluid but the using air compressor . I don’t have air compressor atm . Any hand pump fluid extractor that work ? All I need is take off 2 quart of fluid that it
Anything cheaper . I might have to do this job only one . Dealer charge $120 for front diff fluid change
That link has some listed at $25, how cheap does it need to be to beat the $120 dealer charge?
I find all kinds of uses for this thing, oil changes of all sorts, coolant changes, brake bleeding, removing old fuel, any fluid that needs evacuation.
Late summer bought the HOLT from H.F. for $89 . Put to work for 1 oil change of car and the tranny fluid for other . Also , used to change oil for 2 lawn mowers and both snow blowers .
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2 quarts is a lot to do it this way but.... if you don't want to spend money to buy one for keeps, then consider borrowing a vacuum pump kit from Autozone or AAP's loaner tool program. You'd have to dump the jar's content many times unless you make your own larger container with a drill, some hot glue/tape, tubing, and a capped juice bottle.
Cheapest way is probably to put a rubber tube onto the end of a turkey baster. LOL

Tough spot to be in when you only need the device for one use. Even if it takes a lot longer to extract, still smart to go cheap.
Briggs & Stratton makes a 1.6 liter hand pump they sell at Home Depot
I use the pump from an old shampoo bottle (after cleaning it, of course). It has worked for front diff, PS fluid & brake fluid. YMMV
That's actually pretty genius! Never would have thought of that. Also works out perfectly since the shampoo is a ticker viscosity and would work great on gear oil. Sure, it would take a long time to remove several liters, but worth not spending money on something else if not doing it too often. Shampoo pump with extension tube would be perfect for removing motor oil to get levels perfect or to send some off for a UOA.
I've used this one from Menards a few times now. Seems a little nicer than the HF version and does the job reasonably well. Its even quick enough to drain the transmission for a quick fluid exchange or prior to dropping the pan. Be advised that you will need to buy a smaller hose to fit into the sump of your differential. I don't recall the size off hand, but I did not have any trouble finding the proper size in store.