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Mar 25, 2004
I think I'am going to run mobil-1 10w30 in my new toyota tundra double cab pick-up (4.7L) for the summer, now comes the questions

1-Can I run 10w30 in our Iowa winters? Or should I go back to mobil-1 5w30 for the cold months? TYP. winter months temps are from -10 and up

2- I'am going to get a UOA done with the 10w30 to see where I stand with things. But how long can I run this oil for the first time and be safe?

3- What kind of OCI do most Tundra 4.7L owners run with mobil-1 10w30 & 5w30? Once they see the UOA?

THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!! Love the site!

YOu should not have any issues running M1 10W30 year round. I would probably run their Truck and SUV 5W40 year round instead though. I would run 6 month or 7500 mile OCI with 5W40.

My Mom runs 15W50 in the summerin heres for 6 months and then runs 10W30 dureing winter. It gets preety cold here in Michigan in the winter -18F to -22F a couple of days. Dad runs same set up in his Tacoma.

I ran Redline 5W40 in my 2003 Camry and it was just great!
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