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Oct 30, 2002
Great Lakes
Just got back from a relaxing trip to Asheville, NC area. The weather was great and we really enjoyed the Fall colors and awesome food. Here are a few pics...

We stayed at the Omni Grove. Back in the day, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, and Thomas Edison used to hang out here.

View from the hotel:

Biltmore Estate:

River Otters at a nearby Nature Center:

Linville Caverns:

Driving around the Blue Ridge Parkway in our rental Sentra:



Pete, now we'll have people from Mi and who knows where else wanting to move to my beautiful state...LOL! The last time I was there it was still the Grove Park Inn. Thomas Wolfe lived at the Inn for a while, and at one time you could rent the room he lived in. Beautiful Pics.
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Thomas Wolfe lived at the Inn for a while, and at one time you could rent the room he lived in.

Heh... it seems that just about every room there nowadays has a placard indicating the name of someone famous who stayed there. Apparently Babe Ruth stayed in ours.
Beautiful Pictures! I have a house in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia and the views are amazing. The leaf turn was especially colorful this month.

Tom NJ
We love it there in Asheville, great food and people. It is a five hour drive for us here on the eastern side of NC. The wife likes the beach, I like the mountain.
Great pictures!

The wife and I took a trip down the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway the week before yours. No plans, just drive and view the scenery. We ended up in Ashville at the end of the third day and discovered that the hotels are out to absolutely r*p* people during "leaf peeper" season. I understand hotels jacking up rates during special events but that was just uncalled for. Discount chains like Super 8 and Days Inn were in the $280/night range. The next step up like Quality Inn were pushing $400/night. Hampton Inn was over $500/night. We talked to a couple at a restaurant that were staying downtown at a place that was normally $120/night and was now $580/night for the next two weeks. 500-600% price increases across the board. We ended up staying at some 1940's tourist trap dive and even that was $180/night. Just crazy and they're shooting themselves in the foot. That kind of behavior will keep us from returning.

On the plus side, the trip was incredible and downtown Asheville was great. We loved Wicked Weed Brewing.
Yeah, hotel prices were kind of nuts, and despite that, it was hard to even find an available room. IIRC, the Omni Grove was about $300/night.
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