NC Goverment Procurement Document: "Royal Purple 5W30 has Group III"

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This is really interesting! And can it actually be that Chevron Supreme Synthetic is PAO and ester? If so, what a bargain Chevron Supreme is-it costs about $3.00 a quart at Checker Auto Parts Stores in my area! Mobil 1 is close to $5.00 a quart. And some of the Amsoil motor oils (I already knew that) and Royal Purple are Group III? Probably the Royal Purple they use in racing is PAO synthetic, but the stuff or ordinary cars/trucks is Group III? Seems like you might as well use American Castrol Syntec. Only problem with chevron Supreme Synthetic is that I cannot find the 5W-30-only 10W-30.
If that Chevron Supreme Synthetic is really PAO (at $3.00 a quart), then that is a new synthetic for people here to take a look at, especially since it is cheaper.
pepper32, where did you find the Chevron Supreme Synthetic 5W-30? The only place I have been able to find Chevron Supreme is at Checker Auto Parts Stores. And they only carry 10W-30 Chevron Supreme Synthetic. If it is correct that Chevron is PAO, then here is an oil probably as good as Mobil 1 for 2 dollars less a quart. Chevron Supreme 10W-30 is $3.00 a quart at the stores in my area.
There are two Oil jobbers in town that carry Chevron products. Check your yellow pages. BTW Supreme synthtic 5w30 comes in 6 quart cases and Delo synthtic 0w30 is 12 quart cases.
4 or 5 years ago when target quit carrying Chevron synthetic I bought a bunch of it for 92 cents a quart on close out sale. It seems to be as good as Mobil One, my mileage was the same and no consumption.
this article doesn't say that royal purple is or has group 3 base stocks it say in this category that the below listed oils can have group 3 base oils..i know that royal purple is a group 4 amd 5
After looking at the MSDS for RP, I don't see ANY group 4 or 5 oils there. Maybe the miniscule percentage of synerlec additive is synthetic, but the rest of the oil is group ??. RP synthetic base oil is comprised of synthetic additives(assuming Synerlec) and iso-paraffinic diluents(group III). Chevron synths might be a groupIII if the words ISOSYN is on the bottle. If not, it could be a roup IV.
I don't think the street grades of RP were ever 100% Group IV & V ... they always had a mineral component to them. That is pretty big news that Chevron Synthetic (at least their 5W30) is a Group IV synthetic. I'm still a little skeptical though. It might be a Group III & IV blend ... and they might change the formula at any time. We all know how that goes. [I dont know] --- Bror Jace
If Chevron Supreme Syn. is group III, can we make any inferences about Havoline Synthetic? I ask simply because the Havoline seems easier to get. Would Havoline be repacked Chevron or are they different oils?
Royal Purple once indicated that it's street oils were blends, then one day gave an explanation that they had been calling it a blend because of carrier oils for the additives. I never bought that.
Originally posted by Mystic: And some of the Amsoil motor oils (I already knew that) and Royal Purple are Group III? Probably the Royal Purple they use in racing is PAO synthetic, but the stuff or ordinary cars/trucks is Group III?
I was told from a RP tech not very long ago that the street oils are PAO (group IV) base. They do have some dino as a carrier oil only, this does not make them a blend. [Dummy!] CRW
Pepper32, thanks a lot. You are correct, and you may have solved my motor oil needs. I LIKE Chevron motor oil. My previous car ran great on Chevron Supreme conventional motor oil. The only place in town I could find it was at Checker Auto Parts Stores. I was thinking about trying Chevron Supreme Synthetic in the wintertime, but I could find it only in 10W-30 at that store. Well, I checked the telephone book and there is a Chevron Bulk Plant in the city. I called them and they have Chevron Supreme Synthetic 5W-30 in six quart cases. The price is very competitive with Mobil 1 5W-30 in five quart jugs at Wal-Mart. And you are getting six quarts-not five. If Chevron Supreme Synthetic really is a PAO oil, then it is available through Chevron Bulk Plants and it is cheaper then Mobil 1, because you are getting six quarts and not five. And I like Chevron motor oil-I could actually feel the difference when I ran Chevron oil rather then other brands of conventional motor oil. I did not check about Delo, but I suppose at such a bulk plant you would also be able to get Delo.
Hold it before we proceed on any Chevron Utopic dreams. I did some more reading on Chevron Supreme. First and foremost I want to say that this stuff is **** good oil clear and simple. The bottles that say "ISO-SYN" are in fact hydroprocessed mineral oil (Group III). Furthermore, unlike Castrol this Group III is a FAIR price/bottle [Smile] [Smile] [Smile] And produces great UOA as we all know. ALSO, Chevron makes a PAO-ESTER synthetic at a comparable price to Mobil1. My question is how do I identify this stuff?? Kudos to Chevron for a great Group III oil at a fair price to the consumer. As one site said, Chevron is the underdog.
Walmart and all the creepy effin' Walmartians which inhabit those dumpy places can KISS MY @$$!
LMAO! I see someone agrees with me... the only downside to running Chevron oil is having to walk into Walmart and buy it!
novadude, I personally have not found Chevron Supreme at Wal-Mart-I used to find it at Checker Auto Parts Stores. However, I discovered that there is a Chevron bulk plant in the larger city near me, and I found Chevron there. You can get any Chevron oil that you want at that bulk plant.
That is corect, Christopher R. Wise, a conventional carier oil does not make a PAO a blend. Mobil put conventional carrier oil in Mobil 1 for a long time, for the sake of additive soluability. Group III and Group IV motor oils can have problems with additive soluability. Usually conventional motor oil or esters are put into PAO oil. This is incredible: If the Chevron Supreme Synthetic is a PAO oil (at $3.00 a quart) we have not even been aware of this oil. An oil that costs less then Mobil 1 and is probably of equal quality.
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