Nationwise engine oil, help me learn more

Feb 27, 2018
I recently bought some new old stock motor oil on marketplace, all of it is API SH so it's from sometime in the 90s. Most of it is Amoco Gold but one of the quarts was a brand I never heard of called Nationwise and it was 10w30. White bottle green label, on the back it said Columbus Ohio 43227.

I tried googling the name, visual descriptions and even the barcode number and I haven't found out much except about older Nationwise oil in a can.

Has anyone else ever seen this back in the day and could tell me where it was made because as someone who lives in Columbus I don't think it was made around here lol maybe just the company was based here?
Nationwise appears to be an old autoparts store. I'm guessing it was maybe their house brand?

Apparently that Autoparts chain went bankrupt and closed in 1995, with it being SH, I guess it was made pretty close to the time they went out of business.
Interesting, I was starting to think it had to have been a defunct company with how little I was finding.
I shopped for many years at Nationwise during the 80's in the Cleveland area. There were Nationwise stores everywhere.. It was the first "discount" auto parts store in my area. They had a flyer in the newspaper every Sunday with very good deals and had quality parts.. Every ad had unbeatable deals on featured oil and filters for that week.I think through changes of ownership, the name changed to Parts America since they honered warranties from Nationwise. I also believe Parts America then changed to Advance Auto Parts of today.
Very similiar to the original Murrays Auto Parts then changing to OReillys and OReillys also honered warranties from the old Murrays.
A lot of information from just before today's Internet got well underway in the mid–1990s is simply not online. The Nationwise info is an example, since that chain went out of business under that name around then. I've found the same thing with late 1980s–early 1990s news events I remember: often those aren't online either.
I used to love their commercials from the 1970s. Please excuse my stroll down memory lane as I recall their jingle:

"I got up this morning, it was 10 below. My Ford was buried in a foot of snow. Was she going to start? You bet she would, I'd been to Nationwise! "

It was the supermarket for cars. :)
Nationwise went into bankruptcy in 1995. AutoZone and Western Auto got into a bidding war for the company. Western Auto (owned by Sears) won.
We had a Nationwise store locally. It was the first store of its kind in this area. Before that, the only real place for auto parts was NAPA or Bumper to Bumper. I also remember a Nationwise in Rockford. With the bankruptcy, our Nationwise closed. Can't remember if it was closed because of the bankruptcy, or if it was closed after the purchase by Sears/Western Auto. But we did end up with a new Western Auto store after that.... which then became a Parts America... which then became an Advance, and is still open today.
As a "young" person I always find commercials and jingles from companies before my time to be fascinating, and part of me wishes that I was around when these places were so I could have had a chance to experience them
I don't know where all they had locations but I grew up in Lima OH and I distinctly remember where their (2) locations were. Went there many times with my Dad and still can picture the divider "wall" between the counter guys and the warehouse area - it was peg board and had lots of chrome-plated parts on display (valve covers, air cleaners, etc from companies like Edelbrock, Holley, etc).