Nascar weekend :^)

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Dec 30, 2006
I`m in Nashville this weekend. My gf and I went to the Nascar race. Had a great time!!!!! We got all access garage and pit passes and of course I went on the prowl to try to find some oil bottles laying around :^) They keep a tight lid on pretty much everything so no oil quarts were to be found,BUT I did see Wix oil filters in the pits!

I got pics of me and Jack Roush and me and Carl Edwards and got both their autographs. Our seats were right at the very front under the finish line. Now I`m just waiting to get my hearing back!

I wondered,does Carl Edwards` car use Valvoline since they`re one of his sponsors? Oh,we also got a supercoooooool Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder as a rental car. That lil four banger will move out!!!!
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Sounds like you had a great time. Did you get Hot passes for the race?

You won't see many oil bottles in NASCAR, at least with the top teams that have oil deals. Might see gear oil bottles or something.

I'm quite sure Roush Racing is using Valvoline products. The oil companies are closely tied with NASCAR and Ashland's engineers probably work closely with Roush's engine dept on what oil works best. Once everyone figures out what oil to use, the teams get it in barrels and plastic jugs. The label could say anything but who knows what the stuff really is.
I used to use Valvoilne religiously, even after Viagra took over 6 sponsorship. I even had the 10 pontiac 1/24 scale and Johnny Benson was driving. Then after all the politics and they dumped the 10 team I flitted around with different brands (including Valvoilne again). Now I'm sticking with SOPUS based on the quality of the products, not whom they sponsor. If I did, I'd not use it at all( example: Harvick, JG, E Jr.).
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