NASCAR racers: What kind of oil?

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Penske NASCAR is and has been running Mobil 1 0W-30 with Sypersyn for several years now. The Supersyn formulation was first used there, tweaked, fine tuned, then finalized.. However, they are still using the higher additized/non catalytic converter formulation and not the current shelf Mobil 1 as CAT's are obviously not a concern...
George Morrison, STLE CLS
Regarding detergent free oil? No, regular old Mobil 1 Supersyn, with detergency except for high AW package, like the old formulation.. No catalytic converter to worry about!
They all use different vis,different formulations,depends on engine builder,crew chief,owner, sponsorship etc. It's really amazing the differing theories used.
Maybe this question was addressed on "Nascar Garage", but do they have oil filters on these cars? Do they need oil filters on these cars?
From the teams I know, 0W-30 for qualifying and 15W-50 for practice and race. All non-detergent oils.

Terry is correct in that there are lots of behind-the-scenes things taking place with oils. One team I know well has the Valvoline people there all the time working with the engine team doing dyno runs with Godknowswhat in the crankcase.

Filters are usually the Oberg style.
This new Mobil oil was talked about well over a year ago. This is for geeman.

When (If?) M1 0W30R becomes available for public purchase, I would seriously consider using it.

Same applies to the also as yet un-seen 5W40 SUV formula.

Will it be the same oil as used in Nascar...?


However, they are still using the higher additized/non catalytic converter formulation and not the current shelf Mobil 1

You tell me...
geeman, I'm just playing around. I'll admit I get a little too carried away with it. I have no idea about this oil. But I have been basing my opinions of if from George at Avlube. He is very familiar with this oil and thats why I've been excited about it.
Fair enough...!

I hope the SUV (why this name....???) 5W40 is decent stuff (IF it does or will exist...). I always dis-liked the fact that the 30 weight M1 is on the thin side, and the 0W40 has kind of a wide viscosity spread, and the 50 weight is a touch thick...!

5W40 would fill that hole in M1's line-up nicely!

One must remember that NASCAR engines have FT cams.
A typical set-up may have a .420 lobe lift and up to 2:1 rocker ratio.
Match that to a spring with 500+ lbs of open pressure...well you get the picture.
I would guess that if very light viscosity engine oils are used, the temperature of these oils must be controlled very carefully, and they likely have some sort of active and inactive EP additive packages.
Does anyone remember the California race about 3 years ago when Jeremy Mayfield was driving the 12 car for Penske. They had a leak in the oil cooler so they pinched off the line and bypassed the cooler. He ended up winning the race, but had 2nd degree burns on his rear end and back because the oil tank is right behind the drivers seat. During the race they kept asking the crew chief is the engine would make it because they were worried about the oil temperature. They had Mobil engineers on the phone with them during the race that told them the oil would hold up. I think the oil temp was like 350 degrees or something. I'm not pitching Mobil 1, but it was a great race that sticks in my head.
Cool story.

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You must be having dreams of M1R sugar plum faires dancing in your head!

Yes, I had to edit bc what I originally wrote was "Good ol Mobil 1 saves the day". Thats not fair of me.

I've been having dreams of the new Mobil 1 oil.
Just kidding. Pretty soon I'll be getting closer to Patman's status. I think he has German Castrol bed sheets.
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