Nascar Oil Faq's page on oil

Has anyone ever seen this before? I found it interesting that Nascar vehicles have 6 gallon oil capacity. COPY OF QUESTION: With the oil companies telling me to change my truck's oil every 3,000 miles -- or more often when doing a lot of towing -- my question is how often do race teams change the oil in the car on a race weekend? Or do they? Do they run a regular oil? Additives? Synthetic? I'm very curious. Thanks, Cliff Great question, Cliff, one better left to an expert. For the lowdown, I sought the expertise of Danny Emerick, the engine guru for Jimmie Johnson's team. Emerick tells me his team changes the oil once during the weekend, on race day morning, and uses synthetic Quaker State -- just like that you purchase at the gas station or Wal-Mart. One significant difference, however, is the volume of oil a racecar requires compared to that of your passenger car. A Nextel Cup racecar requires some 6 gallons of oil, while a street car needs only 1.5 gallons. Emerick went on to explain that the two main contributors to shortening oil life are contaminants and heat cycles, both of which break down the oil. For example, 3,000 one-mile trips are far more stressful on the oil than three 1,000-mile trips. If not forced to make short trips constantly, oil will maintain is lubrication longer, and that 3,000 miles can be upped to 5,000-mile interval changes. Just stay off the dirt roads. He is considerably more intelligent than I.