NAPA /Wix or Pure One

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Sep 23, 2006
I'm at a crossroads and i need help! which one is the better filter? i've heard good reviews about both. thanx
airfilters of course my friend! i wouldn't use the pure one oil filters due to restricted flow
guys...i'm trying to focus on air filters please! i'm thirsty for info is all. this site has turned me into a rabid dog.

i bet there r corporate spies reading every post...surely what we say here has an effect on the market...
Don't have any experience with either, but one person has posted (with pictures) showing the vast difference in quality between a Wix and Honda OE air filter for his 05 Odyssey. Not all part #s are the same though...
The PureOne filters better (better media), but the fit of the filter is far more important. Any little gap will let in far more contaminants than the worst paper filter.

The PureOne fits well in my truck, and its better media eliminated a problem Terry identified I had with dirt ingress (see my UOAs in the UOA forum).
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