Napa Synthetic

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Sep 23, 2006
So this is my new post on the new forum when the forums changed i forgot my username and password. doh!
so i made a new one.

anyways i went to napa last week for a part and when i was there i quickly browsed the oil section, they didn't have prices on the shelves or anything but i just wanted to see what they have.
They had Royal Purple that stuck out, i've never seen Royal Purple anywhere else in town.
I then saw Napa Full Synthetic, i asked one of the parts guys how much it cost, as he was looking for the price he gave me the run down on how Ashland makes the Napa oil, which is the same company that makes Valvoline, which i already knew.
the Napa Synthetic was $2.99 a quart on sale.
would this be comparable to a Valvoline Synthetic as i imagine it is a Group III.
would this Oil be worthwhile to think about running?
Is anyone using this at this time?
with most SM oils nowdays using GPII/GPIII or even a PAO they are all good NONE will cause catistrophic falure I.d try it run 4-5K do a UOA and find out for sure.
it's about the same stuff with Valvoline Syn. But strangely, i have seen pretty bad oil analysis of it. For that price, I think it's also work looking at Supertech Synthetics
thats what i was thinking is that it was similar to Synpower but not as good with the additive package.

thanks for the comments guys.
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