NAPA synthetic on sale

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Mar 29, 2005
Amarillo, TX
I went to the Napa store to get a cap and rotor for my 1995 Z-71 GMC and found the Napa synthetic on sale for $1.99. Bought a case of 10w30 and 5 qts of 5w30 the next day. I plan on doing oil changes on my three cars before next winter. Currently I've got my '93 Ford E150 van w/302 on Rotella T syn 5w40 since 7/31/04, and my wife's '01 Aztek w/3.4 L on Valvoline Maxlife synthetic 12/30/04 and the truck on Delo 400 15w40 w/5.7 since 3/1/05. I know the Napa is Valvoline and I consider it one of the lower brand oils.
The truck gets the most mileage of the three, about 12k per year. Wife uses hers to go to work and shopping, not much highway, the van to haul the kids around and occasionally long trips. How long should I go on the Napa? I'm thinking 5k to 7k OCI's. Any comments are welcome.
Oh yeah, almost forgot,
bought two bottles of the Valvoline syn power additive, I plan on putting in 1 oz per qt, as mentioned here on the forum many times. thanks

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My biggest issue with NAPA oil is the additive package. I remember a while back a guy called Valvoline and they said it had a cheaper package in it than Valvoline uses on their house brand Valvoline labeled oil. You still got a good deal but I would use it in a shorter interval than normal for you. Then again a cheapened version of Valvoline sounds pretty bad, just do a 3000 mile interval and you should be fine.
I agree with poster Mr. TCar above!

You have a slightly weaker version of Valvoline. That's why the Napa is around $1.29 and regular Valvoline is around $1.79.

If they were identical, then Valvoline would be around $1.29 in area auto stores.
I am running NAPA synthetic in two vehicles right now, but did throw in half a quart of Redline on each (probably should have thrown in more). I bought it on sale for $2.65 a quart last year. For $2 a quart it would be tempting, but I already got over 50 quarts of Maxlife, Pennzoil, and Havoline synthetic for $2 each and with a 173 quart oil stash have no desire to further stock up on NAPA synthetic. At the time I bought it, Synpower was SL/CF and NAPA synthetic was only SL.
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