Napa Synthetic 5w30, 3,948 miles on oil, Ford Ranger 4.0L

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Oct 4, 2005
Western Washington
Equipment Make: Ford Equipment Model: Ranger 4.0L V6 Oil Use Interval: 3,948 Makeup Oil: None Oil Type: Napa (Valvoline) Synthetic 5w30 Miles on Unit: 46,209

Aluminum           2/2/3
Chromium           1/1/1
Iron               5/5/11
Copper             7/7/15
Lead               6/6/57
Tin                0/1/1
Moly               45/311/106
Nickel             0/0/1
Manganese          5/1/2
Silver             0/0/0
Titanium           0/0/0
Potassium          0/11/0
Boron              7/18/9
Silicon            6/9/9
Sodium             1/2/3       
Calcium            1512/1531/2200
Magnesium          6/5/8
Phosphors          554/577/899
Zinc               628/702/1038     
Barium             0/0/0

Viscosity SUS @210dF
Should be 56-63
Tested 55.4

Should be >365
Tested 315

Fuel Dilution
Should be <2.0
Tested 2.5

No Antifreeze

Insolubles 0.3

BlackStone Comments: We didn't find any change at all to wear for this sample, so though copper and lead are still higher than universal averages for the 4.0L Ford engine, we think they are normal for your particular engine. We did find a little bit of fuel dilution, which is common in engines that see a lot of city driving and/or idling. It has lowered the viscosity somewhat but otherwise doesn't seem to be hurting anything. We will keep an eye on it next time, as it should drop. Be sure to take the engine out on the highway prior to taking your sample to get rid of fuel. Check back. Center column was a 3,791 run of Chevron Supreme and the far right column was a 4,000 mile run of Royal Purple 5w30. Used Napa Gold filter every change. Silicon actually went down this sample which is surprising since I installed a oiled cotton filter this time around! The fuel dilution in the current sample was probably due to some idle/low speed time just before the change. The grpIII from valvoline doesn’t look like it’s worth the price, the Chevron performed equally well and consistently. I have used Chevron since the truck was new other than occasional experiments with other brands. I’d like the lead and copper to come down, but I can live with these numbers [Smile] [ January 27, 2006, 12:09 AM: Message edited by: 59 Vetteman ]
Feb 15, 2003
Southeast Kentucky
If most of your intervals are going to be around 4K, I see no reason for you to use anything other than Chevron dino. Wonder where the potassium came from in the second sample?


Jun 8, 2002
Elizabethtown, Pa
Good results. Looks like a weak additive package. You would probably do just as well on one of the Conoco oils(Philips, Conoco,76, TropArtic) or motorcraft which have a pretty high Group base. But what the hey. I would make sure I took the oil sample after a good long drive to see if you have bad injectors.
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