NAPA Proselect now made at Purolator?

Jun 7, 2021
I was surprised to see that the NAPA Proselect filters now seem to be made by Purolator. We normally run Champion Labs, but they are harder to get now and NAPA has given is a great price on these.

21334> was expecting made in South Korea, but made in USA with the purolator type bypass valve welded to the inside. This uses a one pieve tapping plate unlike the other puro (pz-33) I have which use the 2 piece plate

27047> Again, was expecting made in South Korea, but made in China. rather sloppy looking media pleats.

21040 and 21036> Indentical to the pennzoil and puro I have in stock. Typeical oval inlet holes with 2 piece tapping plate.

Interesting to note they are using the Wix date code system not the Puro system

I will C&P once they have seen service.
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Aug 12, 2021
I went online to NAPA to check the price on ProSelects. I was a bit shocked to see them over double the price since I bought some about 2 years ago. Needless to say I went to Rock Auto and found some Pro-Tecs for about $1.1x. Did some digging and it appear that both ProSelects and Pro-Tecs are made by WIX(Mann-Hummel). Ordered a dozen. Turns out they are exactly the same.
Jan 12, 2019
East Helena, MT
The ac delco’s I used for my 14 Chevy spark were made in korea
Interestingly, I just now looked at my local Walmart ; mh PF46E, still at Some $4/ each (( * thouhg been using PUROLATOR, ROYAL Purple last few years in Canyon 2007/4 CYL,WITH MOB1 5W-30…..& forgot to see where they made.. Interestingly, my MOPAR OIL FILTERS, 339 ( 2015 JOURNEY/4 CYL) , made in USA; but now some $11/each, though been using DEALERSHIP LIFETIME OIL CHANGE:& they use PERFORMAX