Napa Platinum 41516 C&P for all the haters

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May 15, 2012
The land of USA-made Subies!
OK, OK, so this post will be a letdown but the thread should be a good one. I'm sending a Napa Platinum 41516 (and a Microgreen 201-7) to car51 to C&P so I figured this could be the official thread for it.

Background: 2011 Fusion, filter went ~17,300 miles with PUP 0W20 (gray bottle). Went on Feb 6 2017, was trying to make it to 20k on this OCI but since I change my oil in the driveway, this weekend was a good opportunity to avoid doing it laying in the snow. Every previous UOA has been at/under 1ppm FE/1K miles, and to me this was getting close to my comfort level (+3500 miles over what previous longest OCI was, typically stretch it around 1k-1500 over previous). DNewton seemed sure PUP is a 20k oil based on my previous UOAs so we'll see how it looks; TBN was 2.3 on the 13.6k UOA on PUP5W20 but that included some winter idling on the last OCI. This OCI included no real idling and lots of long highway trips for work- nearly 6.5k in the first two months, and a 1500 mile trip just before draining.

Anyways, hoping the C&P and accompanying UOA will give some good fodder to the folks who think the Napa Platinum/Wix XP filters are substandard in their filtering efficiency; for sure they are built like tanks and appear to have made a great run here... C&P will bare all.


Good filters.. just poor efficiency. Plus they're typically $$$.

I don't think there are any haters here. Just people who are realists and know a decent and poor buy when they see one.
XP is a solid filter, just doesn't have high filtration numbers when new - at the start it's equivalent to the 50% efficiency numbers for Toyota OEM filters. I'm sure as it loads up it gets much better.

Be interested to see how it held up at a Wix XP on the GF's Liberty right now...
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