Napa 5w40 Euro - Great price, Valvoline clone?

Sep 8, 2020
Happened to come across Napa’s house brand Euro 5w40 today, normally $8.99 but for whatever reason one store near me was selling it at $4.28/quart, so I bought all they had, will be changing out for it tomorrow in my Jetta. The back of the bottle says something along the lines of “Designed by Valvoline”, no certifications but meets/exceeds 502.00, A40, etc.

Should I assume this is simply rebottled Valvoline Euro?

FYI, when shopping for Napa synthetic, try checking around on the site for store pickup at a couple different stores. The one closest to me was $9 a quart to reserve online, the store about 10 minutes past that was 4.28, who knows