Nankang tires

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May 19, 2006
Middle Alabama
Hello. Has anyone heard of these tires? They are for my wife's 2004 Mazda 3 with 215/50/17's. The local tire shop prieced these to me. They are the Touring that are V rated. Also, can anyone give me their website? I have searched for it. Thanks.
used some nakang trailer tyres once and all 4 blew out within 3 years of purchase.

i realise that trailer tyres are not car tyres none the less it left a sour taste in my mouth.
Isn't 205/50/17 the correct size for this car?

As far as the brand, they're very low end, and from my experience with various tires, you generally get what you pay for. I'd suggest you move up to at least something like Yokohama. Afterall, if your wife is not happy, you won't be happy.
Yes, 205's are what came on the car, but I like the wider size on it. I have Kuhmo Ecsta, "H" rated, on it now. I am leaning toward Yokohama Avid V4S ( nice tread wear # 500) or BF Goodrich Traction TA VR. I only brought up the Nankang's due to the tire shop gave me a price on them.
I've got the Avid H4S on a company Sentra and they're a O.K, but I haven't had them long enough to judge wear. From what I've read, they wear faster than what that "500" rating would make you believe. Good wet performance though, and comfy ride.
Hey, Quattro what would you recommend in that size? I do need good wear, wet performance, comfy ride and handling in that order. Thanks!
Michelin Pilot Exalto

Continental Touring Contact CV95

Your size is very limiting.
Do you have a recommendation of where to buy the Michelin's ? I am hoping I can wait till fall to get tires. Rjundi, that's what she said !
Thanks for everyones help!
LOL! Mind out of the gutter boys!

You can order the Michelins (and the Yokos) from TireRack. Have them shipped to one of their recommended installers in your area (the list is on TireRack's site) or to your own friendly installer, if you have one.
My hypothesis was correct... People buy economy cars, and then want to put the lowest price tire on them as possible, when confronted with the sticker shock of how much it costs to replace four low profile performance tires on their economy car.

Suck it up, spend the $120 or so a piece, plus mounting and whatnot, and get some real quality tires backed by a decent tire company, and dont gamble with your safety.

How much does the local tire shop want for nankang brand tires anyway???

Well, in his defense, people buy economy cars with the thought that maintaining them will be economical as well, and I don't see anything wrong with that. Buying new tires shouldn't double the value of the vehicle. Of course the "penny-wise, pound-foolish" idea still applies, so one should not be too short-sighted and focused on the initial cost.

Ot the other hand, those 17" rims/tires on a Mazda3 are a bit of an overkill, IMO, alas that seems to be where the whole industry is going these days... bigger is better, supersize me, etc.

The lifecycle costs of even economy cars are increasing greatly due to addition of things like larger engines, excess power and overkill 17" tires on an econobox 4 cylinder sedan. Granted, the mazda 3 is a good handling vehicle, but does the everyday commuter really plan to use it at its handling limits? Its maybe a feel good thing... until the bill for tires comes along.

Im not saying the original poster shouldnt have bougt the car they did, or anything else. I just think that it is sad that the auto industry is so irregular in giving people what they want, that they put $100+ 17" tires on an economy car that a lot of its buyers need to stretch just to make payments.

you can get 215 50 15 falken ziex for 65 each at

thats half the cost of those expensive tyres, and they probably give 90% of the performance and tread life.
It is too bad the Falken ziex or Kumho ASX is not avaialble in this size. Its a great compromise tire that is inexpensive and decent. It goes against the grain of the expensive 17" tire posted before.

Originally posted by rjundi:
It is too bad the Falken ziex or Kumho ASX is not avaialble in this size.

Huh? But it is available in his size (215/50/17), if you mean Ziex 512. On the other hand, I've read quite a few negative opinions of these tires, reporting excessive noise and poor steering response.
They make motorcycle tires too. They cost about 75% less than regular name brand tires. Lots of stories of blow outs, poor grip etc.

I like saving money, but on a are your life. I'll never understand people who buy those for their bikes. They seem to be popular with some in the cruiser crowd.
I have the ziex 512 on my E30 BMW. For theprice, I really cant beat them, and havent found their noise or response to be lacking, at least compared to similar tires in my size (which is a mere 195/65r-14).

That said, my complaint about the falkens is their inferior UV resistance. In the apparently tropical NJ sun, two years has resulted in the starts of sidewall cracking and discoloration unline anything that the name brand 'standard brand' tires like michelin, goodyear, dunlop pirelli, BFG, etc that we have on our other cars exhibit.

Actually, when I bought the car, I was in a whole different situation. I had a 150 mile roundtrip commute to work. Half of this trip was on interstate with all of my other co-workers and they were in a Nextel cup mindset. So, I needed something small, good handling, somewhat comfortable and decent on gas. Now, I've moved with only a 16 mile commute and a bigger house payment. I drive the 12 year old Ranger w/ no a/c.
I am not going to buy the Nankangs' but I was curious of them.
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