Mystik JT-7 Gear Lubricant 75W140

Aug 23, 2020
I'm looking to change the differential fluid in my 2013 F150 9.75" e-locker.

Has anyone used this Mystik JT-7 full synthetic 75w140 gear oil in a differential?
Mystik is owned by Citgo and while they aren't marketed as well as Valvoline/Mobil when it comes to gear lubes they make a fine product.

I've used a lot of their greases, oils, and hydraulic fluids and they've always kept the metal parts away from one another.
a lot of over the road truckers liked mystic years ago, now blended by Citgo. i see no 75-140 in US site but in Canada, but lots of options that may be better as 75-140 is quite "thick" in colder weather! my 2011 fronty SV Dana OE was semi syn 75-140 but the Dana web suggested 75-90 real synthetic + i used Redlines quality lubes in all my drivetrain + netted 3 mpg. i only haul a little so a lighter lube is safe when its real synthetic IMO. there are 75-110 as well!