my weird leak (saturn)

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Mar 15, 2013
I replaced my ects and cleaned the area very well and changed from dexcool to green universal it's been 6 days and I'm still getting very little drops and seepage of dexcool. My hope is it leaked before and built up a little under the the lip of the head and block. Because at the edge there is a gap between the two and it gets hot and runs down . Hopefully. .what do you guys think. Antifreeze level hasn't dropped at all either.
I would think that if what is "leaking" is the dexcool that is no longer in there, that it would have to be just residual. Can't leak what is not in the engine
I agree it's obviously Dexcool in just worry the head is leaking.
I'm pretty sure after days of driving it would have burned off of there. The engine gets awfully hot.
Get a hose and a few cans of GUNK and clean that engine off. Let it completely dry for a day and see if it comes back.
I took some cleaner and q tips and scrubbed in the gap between the head and block/bell housing. It's such a small gap it's really hard to get into to clean. But it hasn't made a mess again yet. And a couple days ago i let it idle for an hour and it never made more of a mess. Maybe driving with wind flowing makes a difference i don't know.
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My brothers Lexus had the intake manifold gasket leaking as well as a hidden hose underneath. You sure it's not one of those?
To revisit the his issue i let it run for 1 hour at 1500 rpms never leaked that was yesterday today I drive it to work and check it and it leaked a very small amount . Probably 1/8 of a teaspoon maybe! Basically just a little dribble. I don't understand why it's doing this.
Porousity or roughness in the water output neck on top of the head? Pull the hose, goop it in silicone, reassemble.

It's an economy car and you're wasting all this gas idling it. Let it go.
It's coming from the corner of the head. I've checked everywhere else.
Not very impressed with the ac Delco pellets leaks isn't any better. It won't leak then it will randomly. It only.leaksna very small amount like and an eye dropper amount.
It only.leaksna very small amount like and an eye dropper amount. [/quote]
just drive it,and keep an eye on the fluid level. that's all that you can do.good luck.
Sometimes the threads of the sensor boss will corrode, and the added clearance means the threads will not hold coolant. Sometimes when replacing coolant sensors, I would have to wrap the sensor threads with teflon tape to compensate for the corroded threads.
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