My Wal-Mart oil is lighter--Johnny???

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May 31, 2002
St. Charles County, Missouri
Just switched from SuperTech 10W30 to ST 5W30 for the winter. The new oil is very clear, almost like Pennzoil.

I know that with the Shell merger that the Shreveport blending plant that was handling SuperTech will be closed. I sort of assumed that Shell would have extra Equilon capacity from the transfer of Havoline to Chevron and that (maybe) those plants would produce the oil for Wal-Mart.

I don't know much about Shell's oils. Always heard they varied greatly in different parts of the country.

IMHO Pennzoil is the best of the Pennzoil/QS/Shell lot so if be some chance this is Pennzoil so much the better. If it's simply the same old Specialty Petroleum stuff and 5W30's a different color, that's OK I guess, but I really prefer slightly darker colors since they're easier to read on a dip stick. Come to think of it, they probably haven't had time to close down any plants and get product through the distribution channels so this is probably just a variation by weight-- or maybe it's that part of production that Warren Petroleum took over. Johnny??? Anyone???
Nothing is closed down at this time. It will probably take a year or so before it happens. It's possible that this could be some of the Warren product. I can tell you for shure it's not Pennzoil. There is a good chance that when Shreveport is closed that some of the Wal-Mart oil might be Formula Shell. Anyway, if you like the Wal-Mart oil, go ahead and use their 5W30.
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