My service dog got hit by a car this morning.

Aug 25, 2018
South Carolina
I'm a 100% disabled veteran and have a service dog who I trained with through Veterans K9 Solutions. This dog was trained to pick up on my mental health episodes and respond accordingly. She's helped me make good progress these past couple of years.

Last night, I let her out to do her business around 10 pm. After about 10 minutes, I went to let her back in and she wasn't in the backyard. She'd somehow got out of the fence and bolted. I was up to 2 am driving around looking for her with no luck. I hung up 2 of my shirts by the front door along with a bowl of food hoping she'd come back.

This morning, she wasn't back. Then we got a call from the sheriff's office. A car ran over her about 3 miles from our house. Her pelvis is in pieces, her back legs are paralyzed, and she had some internal bleeding. The vets have been attempting to stabilize her over the past few hours with an IV of pain meds and antibiotics. She's responding and some color is coming back to her. They're going to take her for x-rays shortly to see the extent of the damage. The chances of her making a full recovery is very slim. Even with the best case scenario, she'll no longer be fit to be a service dog.

This is hitting me really hard since this dog has been like my best friend for the past 3 years. She goes almost everywhere with me. I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst case scenario.





I am so very sorry to hear about this, I hope she isn't in pain.
What a beautiful, happy looking dog. Prayers for a best of luck scenario.
This is absolutely heart wrenching. Hoping for a recovery of your fury friend.

Any chance there was a camera nearby that may be able to identify the vehicle?

Oh no no no noooo! This is terrible news. I am so sorry to read this. I pray for pain to subside and your family to heal through this very difficult time. I am positive everything she did for you was done with unconditional love. What ever the prognosis, i'm sure your family's love for her will be reciprocated.
What a beautiful girl! I cannot imagine how you feel. Hoping for the best; it sounds like she has great care.
Stay strong for her just as she has for you.
Any chance there was a camera nearby that may be able to identify the vehicle?

It was an elderly man. He pulled over immediately and tried to help. He called the police and our number on collar. He was in tears because he recognized the dog. She's well known in this town. The man was sitting by her and sobbing when we got there to get her.
I am so sorry about this horror. I can't imagine the pain you're going through. If you can, look through all your pain and sorrow, do what's best for her, whatever that may turn out to be.
Dogs are our best friends. Stuff happens , for my 68 years have always had dogs . People don't pay attention and when a dog runs in the street that is what happens. I lost an awesome Dalmatian that way.