My new tires arrived 🥰

Oct 7, 2012
Staten Island, NY
I bought from Tirerack this time
And I broke my habits, and took their promo credit card for extra MIR money 💰
These are the new and improved ExtremeContact Plus DWS 06 Plus
Tirerack was most timely, from approving me and billing that new credit card, to delivery to my door in less than 48 hours
Total was $666 OTD, plus I'm getting a $140 MIR, and 6 months no interest
Works out to $131.50 per tire, a real deal IMO vs the $160+ list
I could've paid cash, but that deal was worth it IMO




They were all made in April of 22, and all were made in the USA
I'll be taking them for installation when I get some time, wanna do some suspension work first
Because the 4 summers old set of the predecessor non Plus models are getting pretty thin

I found the thread from when I bought these 🤣
What are you putting those on? They look similar to my Pilot Sport S4s on the Trans Am. They look like a nice tire.
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There's no packaging when you order tires
Do any other vendors package or box/bag them?

Recently had four Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II tires shipped to me from Walmart. No packaging and shipped loose under 4 separate tracking numbers. All arrived safely within 72 hours of placing the order (delivered on a Sunday as well.)
I have the 06Plus on both my MX-5 and my Taurus. They are AWESOME.

On the MX-5, the replaced the stock OEM BS S001 tires. The Contis handle every bit as well, and have the advantage of good all season traction, as verified when I had to drive thru snow in CO last year.

On the Taurus, they replaced some stock Michelins (don't recall what model they were, but they were junk). The Contis ride really nice and are very steady under such a large car even at highway speeds.

Not sure what kind of wear they will exhibit, but given all the advantages, if I have to replace them a bit sooner than some other choice, so be it!
I bought from Tirerack this time
I bought many tires from TR. The smell of new rubber is ambrosia. When I brought them into the house like you the base camp commander would bark till I put them into the shed. Got them installed and out of sight pronto. BTW, my experience with Continental has been ++, Pirelli +-