My new electric guitar

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Nice guitar...tbird...alas I can only play the Elvish instrument known as the is a cross between a tuba and a xylophone...don't ask me how they did is the featured instrument on the Elves' recording of Et Eärello Endorenna utulien... rock on!
Here it is, The Washburn x50 with 2 Headhunter pickups (image from Music 123, but this is the exact one that I have, it looks a lot better in reality): got it from for $199.00, on sale (original price was $ 719.00 !!!)
They went out of stock the next day!

I was afraid to get this without trying, but it paid off: the action feels grreat, and the neck is smooth, and skinny enough for my wimpy hands

the build-quality is amazing, the neck joint is so smooth, if I didn't know I'd have thought it's a neck-thru. The hardware looks solid, and feels like they'd last forever. The paint is great, it's jet black, bound in red with an arched top (the flame-like blurry thing on the pic is a refelection of a person, I think)

I still have to get an amp, get the guitar setup, tuned, etc...even without an amp, the guitar already sounds pretty cool...can't wait to get the Roland Cube-15 now..have to save some $$ first for that $95.00


werde mal nachfragen wie die Elven das gemacht haben..die Buies Creek elven wissen nicht so viel

Thanks for the comment on the guitar
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