My new daily driver

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Jan 6, 2005
North Alabama
Since my father in law bought a new '05 Chevy Z71, he has let his good son in law drive his old Blazer for a while. I'm letting my wife drive my VW for a couple of weeks. Here's a couple of pics of the 94 Blazer:  -  - I do the oil changes on this vehicle, too. It is currently running M1 5w30 & a Purolator PP filter. The owners manual says the following about oil: API SG minimum, API SH preferred 5w30 - all temps 10w30 - above 0°F SAE 30 - above 40°F. The manual warms against using 10w40 & 20w50. The manual says to change oil & filter as follows: every 3 mo./3000k miles - severe service every 6 mo./7500 miles - normal service [ July 13, 2005, 07:39 PM: Message edited by: wavinwayne ]
Looks good! You should however, allow it, in its Golden Years, to dine on the finest...Green goes with white, you know...which works out well should you spill some on the finish. [Big Grin]
Speaking of green, a little Simple Green under that hood and you'd have a real pristine vehicle on your hands. That truck looks awesome for a '94.
[Frown] The Blazer was confiscated by my FIL. [Frown] One of his OTR trucking buddies bought it. Oh well, it was nice to have a free vehicle to drive around for a few weeks.
Originally posted by eljefino: What a rip, you probably just got it cleaned up and running perfect. [Frown]
You're dang right, I did. I had that thing ship-shape [Smile]
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