My new "Club Exclusive" Michelin's from Costco......

Jun 13, 2006
Hi everyone,
I wanted to share my experience with the "club exclusive" Michelin X LT A/S - SUV/Truck tire.
I purchased the first set of these tires for my 1999 Explorer a few years ago and I was/am very happy with them. The ride quality is great and after roughly 15,000 or so miles they does not seem to any noticeable wear. The 4.0 SOHC in the Explorer has died, so the mileage is not going up at the moment.
Fast forward to last week, the Michelin's on my 2006 Xterra needed to be replaced not from wear but from age, they were nine years old. I was looking at a few somewhat aggressive options for the X and then I came to my senses and realized that I never "off-road" my X and I don't need some crazy aggressive tire. I went to Costco and ordered another set of the Michelin X LT A/S tires. I had them installed yesterday on the X and as predicted the ride quality is wonderful and quiet.
The X LT A/S is slightly cheaper than some other Michelin tires, but it is not a huge difference.
There are not many on-line reviews about the club exclusive Michelin's, but of the ones out there, some claim the club exclusive tires are total garbage. Some say they are "seconds", "fake" Michelin's, low quality base materials, etc. I called Michelin and they stated emphatically that the club exclusive tires are of the exact SAME quality as all Michelin tires.
At this point I am a firm believer in these tires and I will continue to buy them, they just work and work very well!

Thanks for that post.
What killed your 4.0l SOHC? I ask because I have one.
We are the original owners of the Explorer. The SOHC died at 214,000 miles. The SOHC has three timing chains and the chains have been rattling for at least the last 100,000 miles. I was on the highway and I saw the my oil pressure dropped to zero and the engine started to make a loud noise. I pulled over and shut it down. It is not seized, but it will not start.
My mechanic "thinks" that one or more of the plastic chain guides disintegrated and blocked the oil flow. The engine is not worth rebuilding, so I am currently looking for a good used 4.0 SOHC from another Ford.....Mustang, Ranger, Explorer.
Not to highjack a tire thread but I've read a lot since buying an '05 Ranger with that engine.
Many of the pre 2004 SOHC engines had a weak spring in each of the 2 tensioners. This kept the plastic guides against the chain as oil pressure built up. "They advise depressing the accelerator fully to prevent fuel & spark during the day's first start up. This builds oil pressure.
Mine needs 8 to 10 seconds cranking in Winter weather to extinguish the "low oil pressure" light.
I believe the third chain is for a balance shaft Ford did away with. I don't know what drives the oil pump.
PM sent.

I'll consider those Michelins when my "OE" Goodyears wear out.
edit: They're $188.99 each @ my Costco with a $150 discount on a set of 4 if purchased by 3/13.
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I just had BJs put a set of the club version of the Defender T+H on my 2017 Outback. Great deal with the current $150 off.
I might end up getting a set for my Ram. The wet traction, or just traction in general, is inferior to the Terraincontact H/T. But the Michelin’s seem to have fewer reports of uniformity issues and they are actually available right now (Continentals are on b/o).
Costco only sells quality products, there's no way they would accept "seconds" or an inferior line.
Indeed...They do sell quality stuff there.

My only beef with a local Costco retailer was when I purchased tires online, made an appointment, arrived early for said appointment, wandered around the store for 90 minutes, and then go back to the tire area only to find out they haven't started work on my wife's Honda Pilot...


Yeah - I left, got my $$$ back, and the look on their faces as to why I wanted a refund...