My "new" 03 Volvo, 500 isx cummins,

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Sep 5, 2011
Lubricant Analysis Report 866-861-0483 Overall report severity based on comments. Account Information Account Number: QCVLVO-0212-0005 Company Name: ABO TRUCKING Contact: Component Information Component ID: VOL 001 E Secondary ID: UN4GVN2 Component Type: DIESEL ENGINE Manufacturer: VOLVO Model: 770 Application: O-T-R TRUCKING Sump Capacity: 0GL Sample Information Tracking Number: Lab Number: Lab Location: Indianapolis Data Analyst: FLG Sampled: 24-Sep-2011 Received: 29-Sep-2011 Completed: 03-Oct-2011 Filter Information Filter Type: FULLFLOW Micron Rating: 10 Miscellaneous Information Miscellaneous: Product Information Product Manufacturer: SHELL Product Name: ROTELLA Viscosity Grade: SAE 15W40 Comments Data indicates no abnormal findings. Resample at normal interval; Lubricant and filter change acknowledged; Wear Metals (ppm) Contaminant Metals (ppm) Multi-Source Metals (ppm) Additive Metals (ppm) Sample # Iron Chromium Nickel Aluminum Copper Lead Tin Cadmium Silver Vanadium Silicon Sodium Potassium Titanium Molybdenum Antimony Manganese Lithium Boron Magnesium Calcium Barium Phosphorous Zinc 1 11 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 3 3 0 1 0 0 0 22 21 2330 1 1007 1155 Sample Information Contaminants Fluid Properties Sample # Date Sampled Date Received Lube Time Unit Time Lube Change Lube Added Filter Change Fuel Dilution % Vol Soot % Vol Water % Vol Viscosity 40°C cSt Viscosity 100 °C cSt Acid Number mg KOH/g Base Number mg KOH/g Oxidation abs/cm Nitration abs/cm 1 24-Sep-2011 29-Sep-2011 6000 1000000 Yes Yes <1 1.4 <.1 15.8 6.04 Particle Count (particles/mL) Additional Testing Sample # ISO Code Based On 4/6/14 > 4 µm > 6 µm > 10 µm > 14 µm > 21 µm > 38 µm > 70 µm > 100 µm Test Method 1 Comments are advisory only and are based on the assumption that the sample and data submitted are valid. Missing fluid or
Looks pretty normal. How many miles on the fluid? the viscosity at 15.8 is a little above what it would be when new. Is this an egr motor?
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