my neighbor got hurt real bad today

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Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
going back to this thread.

both me and his son told him that the contraption he built would not take the weight.

being hard headed he told us to stuff it.
unfortunatly we were correct.
he is in the hospital in an induced coma.

basically the pump and pipe fell down the well and the cable he was using got wrapped around him.

he lost some fingers,an arm and has a huge gash in his head. nearly bled to death as nobody else was home to help.

all because he thought $3500 was too much to have it profesionally pulled.
So sorry to hear this. Always sad when people have to learn the hard way.

Really hope he pulls through!
so he ruined his life/might die to save 3500$, was he borderline dementia?

Glad you werent involved.

Sad case of Darwinism.
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Really hope he pulls through!

That's an unfortunate way to put it.

So he went ahead with the job by his own with nobody there? Hard headed indeed.
I hope the best for him. Fortunately you weren't a part of helping replacing it, that would have been a terrible thing to be a part of/witness.
There's a thin line between "can do" and "foolish to do" sometimes. Prayer said for him, hope he turns out ok.
30 years ago I did something stupid. My car was overheating and I loosened the radiator hose clamp as the radiator cap was stuck. The pressure from the cooling system blew the hose off and I ended up scalded by the boiling hot water. I ended up with first and second degree burns and was in the hospital for two days. Today I still have scars all over my chest and arms from the burns. I feel for your neighbor and have him in my prayers.
Wow, very unfortunate. Sounds like he didn't think this out fully, and research might have told him that the job was too risky for an unprofessional with the right tools. Always look at the safely aspects of any DIY job!
Some jobs are best left to the pros. Sucks for him but it was his choice and will now pay the price. I'll say a prayer for him and his family.
WOW !!! How much does it cost now ? I think we all have been stubborn and hard headed on some things but good grief "A man has to know his limitations".

Yikes !!!

I hope he recovers and gets better.

Maybe he could not afford to have it done, any DIY job has risks.
That is a horrible way to learn a lesson. At best missing fingers and an arm? And that is the positive side of things. Poor guy, man do I feel bad for him. Nobody deserves that.
$3500 is a lot of money IMHO. Cables are very nasty. At least his torso is one piece as nasty thing happens with them.

Wishing him a speedy recovery.
I can't even begin to imagine. That's unfortunate, but at least he's still with us. Praying for his recovery and for his family.
I am a cheap b@stard, and a confirmed DIY type of person. I like to think I would not get this far over my head, but I at least have some empathy for the poor guy's thinking, and how he arrived where he did. I hope the outcome is for the best. And I hope we can all learn something about not getting in over our heads.
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