My last time using GC :(

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Nov 4, 2004
Schwenksville, PA
First of all....relax Pscholte, I'm not joining the ranks of the GC bashers.

My last 5qts of GC gold are going into my Wife's VW Golf this afternoon. The car has been running great on this oil for the past year(5-7k OCIs). The problem is simply....availability. Too many trips to AZ, too many empty spaces where the GC should be. So, I've declared the perpetual hunt officially over. There are several other VW approved oils that I can buy that are readily available from local sources. I fairly certain my next oil for this car will either be Syntec 5W40(from the VW dealer) or MaxLife Syn 5W30(from Wallyworld). So let it be known, the Phila area AZ shelves may be a little more full `cause I'm leavin' the GC alone.
Bad Excuse!

Try finding out what day of the week your two nearest AZ's get their oil supplies. Those are the days you want to visit there... not 2-3-4-5-6 days

Also.... just in case nobody told you yet, the Green is gone & the Gold is just as good.... well according to the GC gurus here anyways.

I have-yet to try the GC since my Colorado 4X4 has sat undisturbed since mid-November. I don't drive it when road salt is covering our roads. Plus, it still has a few thousand miles of Mobil-1 to use-up first.

Originally posted by Brikhead:
First of all....relax Pscholte, I'm not joining the ranks of the GC bashers.

Wow, I'm glad I opened this were wise to be concerned...your title had me going!
Gold is just as good as Green. The UOAs prove this. We have a study going that JAG is doing to compare the Volatility of green vs gold...

I don't know about your autozones but ours are stacked on Gold and people keep buying it out (gotta get there when they get oil shipment).
Well, that is a sad excuse not to use GC. That is why you go to 28 quarts, which is usually what they get, and be happy for about 4-5 OC's. I would not give up yet, even though everyone in your local will be happy. Your VW will puke it up...and then stop running on anything else...wait and see?!?!?!?!?
Just bought the last 3 bottles of Green from the Seguin , Tx AZ. They also had about a case of really old USA 0-30. But I think that is the last of the green in my area. Unless I run across an uncharted AZ in the Ghetto.
Customer Service what's that? Try to get a response from a behind-the-counter associate at AZ lately? Specifically ask for GC and you'll get that incredulous look that says as if...clueless! When I'm on the hunt (
),I dont bother to go inside unless I here elves singing.I'll post when I score(
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