my GPS coords were on...

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Jun 15, 2003
a receipt from my propane guy! Delivered 20 gallons to my house and the meter on his truck automatically stamped it on there! Kind of makes the progressive dongle look like old tech, IMO. Also makes a nearly irrefutable audit trail.
My work van has a GPS. Somebody, somewhere, is paid to pay attention to us. I need all the minders I can get. laugh
I think more and more services that do delivery are going to do this, just in case any issues come up and have that audit trail like you said.
For all the complaints and drive to lower prices, more efficiency, etc., can you expect anything less than work/delivery vehicles being tracked?
Good idea for tracking proper delivery place. I likely received a free/mistaken fillup since the meter was full when I last checked a month back it was 1/2 full. My company never sent a truck.
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