My German Castrol 0W-30 still looks amber after 5 K. What now?

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Jun 22, 2003
Grand Forks, ND
1994 Honda Accord EX (aprox. 99K) (Note: Mobil 1 5W-30 has been used for the life of the vehicle up until I threw the German Castrol in.) Is it reasonable to assume that I can push the German Castrol further because of how clean and amber the oil looks? I know that how "black" an oil looks gives no indication of its remaining lubrication protection. However, what if the oil looks very clean and amber with no suspended combustion particles? IMHO it looks like the oil is not close to being used up. Can I look at the oil's amber color as a very general indicator of much life the oil has left? P.S. - The Mobil 1 I used in my Honda previously looked exactly like the German Castrol after 5 K. [ November 26, 2003, 02:56 PM: Message edited by: MinnesotaNole ]
jsharp: The "normal" service interval for oil changes is every 7,500 miles. Severe service is every 3,750 miles. I should add I always use a Honda OEM filter.
All my vehicles are also 7500 mile normal OCI. It's my belief that with normal driving a good synthetic should last at least through the normal interval. But, I'm not that familiar with Hondas or their stock filters so maybe someone will chip in and correct me if I'm wrong...
As you mentioned-color is not the difinitive answer, but the fact that it is nice and clear is a good sign. Its reasonable that you can go the full 7500 miles, but a UOA would be nice.
7,500 miles on GC should be fine. The Honda filter should be fine too. On my last Honda, a '99 Accord, the oil filter was supposed to be used through TWO oil changes (15,000 miles) I changed it at every 7,500 though, along with M1 5W-30 every 7,500 also. How do you like the GC in your Honda?
Just started with the GC in my 93 Accord (with K&N filter). Car has 115K on the clock. After about 200 miles, I can't say the motor runs any smoother or better, which is a bit disappointing. If anything, it seems to idle a bit rougher, more vibration, etc. We'll see how it goes from here, though. Previous oil was Chevron Supreme dino 10W-30.
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